Be inspired by Laos

Meet remote hilltribes, watch saffron-robed monks file through hushed streets at dawn, spot Irrawaddy dolphins and get lost in the tropical rainforest of Laos. This tiny country with a gentle spirit, sandwiched in the centre of Indochina, will leave you inspired, relaxed and ready for more. Explore jungles criss-crossed by natural waterfalls, float between the Four Thousand Islands, puzzle over the mystery of the Plain of Jars and swing in a hammock with an ice-cold Beer Lao. Like most travellers, you’ll come home hooked on Laos.

Search for elusive wildlife

While much of Laos’ wildlife may be tough to spot, you can up your chances by being in the right place at the right time. Search for the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin in the south or spot monkeys in the jungles of the north.

Wildlife in Laos
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Trek into the tropical countryside

If you like seeing the world on your own two feet, Laos is an all-round winner. A jade land of hills, valleys, forests and rice terraces, it’s brilliant trekking territory. Follow mountain trails to visit remote hilltribes, hike to warm-hearted village homestays, trek into tropical rainforest and cool off in natural waterfalls. Along the way, you’ll stay at home with the locals, sleep in jungle eco-lodges and even try the fiery, home-brewed whisky.

Trekking in Laos

A unique honeymoon in Laos

Get lost in the romance of the rainforest, drift along the Mekong at sunset and swing in riverside hammocks amidst karst mountains. Laos is the perfect spot for a laid-back honeymoon, filled with natural beauty and heart-warming experiences. Wander past Buddhist temples, float between 4000 islands and escape to green valleys.

Honeymoon in Laos
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Combine your Laos trip with the rest of Indochina

Due to it’s landlocked position, Laos really is the ideal destination to link up the rest of Indochina. Take a trek from Thailand, journey via communist caves into Vietnam or travel along the mighty Mekong River from Cambodia.

Combine Laos with Indochina
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