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Man pointing at Dimitsana

Mountain Goats in the Green Canyon

Bite-sized trip

  • Itinerary:
  • Duration:
    3 days / 2 nights (flexible)
  • Price:
    from £ 175.- per person (excluding flights)
Dimitsana is a medieval village nestled amidst a mountainous landscape and the perfect base to explore the Lousios gorge. Here, a different side of the country unfolds, with cooler temperatures and a lush greenery that surrounds you, creating an idyllic setting for hiking enthusiasts. On this trip you’ll traverse ancient bridges leading you to hidden monasteries built into the very walls of the mountains. After a day filled with exploration and awe-inspiring encounters, retreat to your picturesque lodge, where you can unwind and revel in the breathtaking views that unfold before you.
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Day 1 – Arrival in Dimitsana

Today you’ll arrive in the picturesque village of Dimitsana, nestled amidst a breathtaking mountainscape. Here, time seems to stand still, allowing you to immerse yourself in a traditional Greek experience that harkens back to the bygone eras. Discover the charm of this enchanting village, where traditional stone houses and picturesque alleys create a captivating ambiance that will transport you to a simpler time. Upon arrival, check into your charming mountain lodge with spacious rooms. Unwind by the crackling fireplace and indulge in a glass of tsipouro, a traditional Greek spirit that adds a touch of authenticity to your experience.

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Day 2 – Hiking through the green canyon

After a hearty breakfast and picking up some snacks from the local baker, you will head to the awe-inspiring Lousios gorge. Along the way, you’ll traverse ancient bridges and follow the path along the fast-flowing river, encountering different monasteries, each offering a glimpse into the spiritual heritage of the region. Keep an eye out for the resident monks, whose warm hospitality will greet you with refreshing water and delightful treats like loukoumi, a delectable Turkish delight. We will provide you with a comprehensive walking route (via an app) with useful tips for start and end points.

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Day 3 – Departure from Dimitsana

After collecting some fresh bread rolls for the road, you’ll leave Dimitsana and continue your Greece holiday. You could head down to the south of the Peloponnese or decide to relax on the beach of Gialova or sip Ouzo in the royal city of Nafplion.

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Mountain Goats in the Green Canyon