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Canada Travel Guide

Boats on a lake with reflection of mountain

Oh Canada … from striking crystal lakes to towering mountains, it’s a natural beauty to behold. Yet Canada’s cities are also filled to the brim with friendly people, diverse culture, good food and live music so it’s the real deal all round! Whether you decide to take a car and go freestyle or take the famous Rocky Mountaineer Train from side to side, we’ve put together our Canada travel guide with top tips for making the most of this breathtaking destination.

Top Things to Do in Canada

There’s such a diverse range of things to do in Canada, from kayaking across emerald green lakes, taking the Rocky Mountaineer Train cross-country, wildlife spotting (on and offshore), staying in a log-cabin, exploring the wilderness in one of the many national parks – to name just a few! You’ll be sure to find the perfect balance for your holiday to Canada.

Lake side train in rocky mountains
people kayaking wooden cabins in woods in background

Best Places to Visit in Canada

Given its vastness, there are so many places to see when holidaying in Canada so we’ve put some handy pointers on our favourite hot-spots and get-aways depending on your style of travel. It’ll help you know your Jaspers from your Whistlers in no time!

Making your Canada travels meaningful

For us, meaningful travel is all about having authentic experiences on holiday, while giving something back to the environment, communities and travellers too. Whether it’s getting away from the busy cities and into the quietness of the wilderness, learning about the indigenous cultures of Canada, or just spending some quality time with your family – we recommend broadening your horizons and getting back in touch with whatever you need most.

hotel outside lakeside

Advice for travelling in Canada

Looking for more Canada travel advice? We’ve put together further details to help plan your trip, including visa & passport information, advice for a self-drive holiday and a guide to the kind of accommodation you can expect to stay in.

What to Expect in Canada

If you think you’re going to be able to tackle Canada in one holiday, then think again! Canada is 41 times the size of the UK; it’s so vast you couldn’t possibly hit all of the highlights and head off the beaten path in one go. The plus side? You’ll be able to visit Canada several times and have a wildly different (and potentially wild!) experience.

With a population just shy of 40 million, it’s no wonder people are amazed by the endless wilderness – it’s the perfect destination to get away from the masses.

mountains with turquoise lake
people walking down city street

Language & Culture

Canadians are notoriously friendly, and they generally live up to this reputation so you can expect a warm welcome from this maple-loving nation. If you’re heading to French Canada, be prepared to hear people speaking French, and will likely appreciate your best efforts to try to speak French in the region.

Getting to Canada

You can get to East Canada on an 8-hour flight (to Toronto & Montreal), or a 9-10 hour flight to the West side of Canada (to Calgary & Vancouver). There is good availability and flights can be from £500, so, no excuses there!

orca jumping out of water boat behind

Canada’s Great For…

  • Wildlife lovers
  • Incredible Scenery
  • Adventure seekers
  • Getting in touch with nature
  • Tranquillity
  • Family travellers

Money & Spending in Canada

Currency: Canadian Dollars C$/CAD

In Canada, you’re expected to tip as you go (similar to the USA), Restaurant waiters need 15-20% depending on service (but no less!). Bar staff we generally recommend $1-2 dollars and $2 for cleaners in your hotel.

Key Costs:

  • Beer = $6-8 (approx £4)
  • Lunch Out = $15-20 (approx £10)
  • Dinner Out = $35-55 (approx
  • Coffee (Cappuccino) = $5 (approx  £3)
  • Cocktail = $15 (approx £8)
  • Petrol = $1.40-1.50 per litre (approx 80-85p)
person drinking beer, wine and cake on table