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Orca spotting in Canada

Top Things to Do in Canada

Canada is a colossal country with bucket loads of exciting things to do from east to west and everything in between.  Our Travel Specialists and Canada enthusiasts (of which there are many!) have created guides about the types of activities you can get up to during your Canada holiday. Whether you’re looking to explore the mountains and forests on two wheels or by foot, experience the emerald lakes and seas by kayak or canoe, venture out on a wildlife spotting trip or camp among the towering trees and fall asleep to the sounds of nature all around.  Our activity-based travel guides will help point you in the right direction for what to do and where you can do it in Canada.

Exploring Canada on the Open Road

Canada is one of the easiest countries to navigate by car, take your time and have a meaningful road trip where you’ll be able to stop along the way, picnic by lakes and take photos of stunning views. If you’re looking for authentic Canada then it’s worth getting off the main highway and exploring the quieter roads, you’ll quickly stumble across some of Canada’s quaint, unique towns.

people hire car mountains in background
Icefield Park

Hiking and Walking Holidays in Canada

Canada is a hiker’s paradise with epic trails winding through the Rockies, forest routes to suit all levels and sandy strolls along rugged coastlines – even walking across central Vancouver City is an experience not to be missed.  You can even take a walk on the giant Icefield Parkway Glacier, but be prepared to feel dwarfed by this massive sheet of ice, and a little bit nippy!

Canada Wildlife Watching Holidays

It’s no secret that Canada is a wildlife-lovers dream, especially for the big beasts such as whales and bears! Of course, that’s not all, you’ll have the chance see everything from bald eagles, chipmunks, seals and maybe even a beaver, you’ll certainly see a beaver dam or two on the way to Whistler.

Grizzly bear

Canada Water-Based Holidays

Canada is renowned for its emerald green lakes, coastal waters teeming with sea life and fast flowing rivers.  There are so many opportunities to get out and explore Canada on the water. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed whale watching boat trip, a chilled spot of standup paddleboarding or, for the more adventurous, kayaking with orcas – there’s an activity for all adventure levels.

Cycling and Biking Holidays

For those looking to explore Canada on two wheels there’s a whole load of choice on offer.  Riding in Canada is second to none, no matter your level of biking skills, it’ll be an unforgettable experience.  Choose from the alpine forest trails around Sun Peaks, the downhill trails in Whistler and for the city slickers explore some of Canada’s diverse cities by bike.

Couple cycling in Vineyard
Tipi in Thompson river

Camping, Glamping, Tipis and Log Cabins

You simply can’t travel to Canada and not experience sleeping in the great outdoors, or in a traditional log cabin at the very least. What could be more exciting than resting your weary travel bones surrounded by the sounds of the forest. Whether you opt for a cosy tent, a traditional tipi or something a bit more luxurious like a yurt we have some truly unique places for you to stay.

Exploring the Canadian Rockies by Train

The famous Rocky Mountaineer Train will have you pampered from start to finish. Prepare to be waited on hand and foot whilst you whizz through the Canadian wilderness, seeing wildlife and mountains as you pass. Our tip? Go for the Glass Dome upgrade, you’ll have panoramic scenes while you have a top-class lunch and champagne.

Train tracks
Two red chairs looking over Toronto's skyline

Discover Life in Canada’s Cosmopolitan Cities

Canada is home to some of north America’s finest cities, the sprawling metropolis that is Toronto City is celebrated for its eateries and trendy bars, great shopping and cracking theatre scene.  Visit the harbour and take a trip out on the waters to see Toronto from a different perspective. Vancouver City, voted one of the most liveable cities in the world, quite literally has it all – according to popular belief “everyone is happy”, it draws people the world over, the food and bars are top notch, there’s plenty of culture on offer with festivals almost every weekend, and to top it off it’s flanked by glistening waters and a stunning mountainous backdrop.

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