Discover Indonesia's diverse wildlife

Jungles packed with pangolins, elephants and monkeys. Coral reefs crammed with colourful marine life. And islands where Komodo dragons wander free. Indonesia is a place of real animal magic. Spot swinging orangutans, search for Komodo Dragons, explore the savannah of Java’s ‘Little Africa’ and swim with the sea turtles. There’s a whole world of wildlife to discover in Indonesia.

orangutan in the bush

Meet the orangutans of Sumatra

Experience the wildlife of Sumatra ethically with a trek deep into the untamed Sumatran jungle and spend a starry night in a remote jungle lodge on the edge of the rainforest. Hike into the heart of the jungle, wobble across wooden bridges and scramble between the trees, eventually arriving at the optimum spot to witness semi-wild orangutans. If you’re lucky.

turtle and person swimming together

Snorkel with sea turtles on a paradise island

Find your own slice of paradise, circled by twinkling turquoise waters and coral reefs just metres from the shore. The white sandy islands of the Gilis are perfect for a snorkelling adventure. Simply grab your kit and wade out into the clear waters to explore a colourful and diverse marine world. Swim with families of sea turtles, float through coral canyons and find yourself surrounded by flitting rainbow fish. Bliss.

komodo dragon with tongue out

Delve into the land of the komodo dragon

Staying in Flores, you’ll head off on a boat trip to explore the neighbouring islands of Komodo and Rinca, overrun by huge Komodo dragons. The largest reptile on Earth, komodos grow up to a mammoth three-metres-long and weigh as much as 100kg.  It’s something that’s bound to bolt your eyes wide open. Head out in search of the dragon on a walking tour with our local ranger who’ll help you easily spot these giant lizards.

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