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India Travel Advice

Once you’ve booked your much anticipated trip, you’ll probably be counting down the days until your departure date. In the meantime, to help you get as prepared for your travels as possible, why not take a look at some of our handy India travelling tips?

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Best time to visit India

India is a vast country with a number of climate regions that vary from one extreme to the other. So to give you a helping hand in planning your trip, we’ve put together a summary of what to expect weather-wise depending on the location and the time of year you’re looking at.

Visa, Passport and Money Advice

When you’re planning your travels to India, it’s important to get clued up on all the essential info before you leave. Our Travel Specialists will advise you on what’s needed, but in the meantime, if you have questions around passports, visas or local currency then here are some useful tips, direct from our experienced India team

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Getting around India

There are many different modes of transport available in India, and you’ll get to experience a variety of them during your trip. For all forms of local transport in India, a flexible attitude is definitely necessary. When it comes to punctuality and creature comforts, the transport in India is very different to what we experience in the UK. However, the roads and rails will provide some of your most eye-opening and exciting moments.

Book flights with Rickshaw Travel

At Rickshaw Travel not only do we prearrange every aspect of your holiday itinerary, we also book international flights and any domestic flights for your trip.

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Whether you are staying in a city hotel, tent in the desert or a cosy bungalow on the beach, you know you will be staying in locally-run accommodation to bring you to the heart of India.