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Meet our India travel specialists

Travel specialist taking call

Our India travel specialists are here to help and inspire you throughout the planning of your holiday. They know all the best tips about travelling in India. As they’ve experienced many of our trips, they can offer you genuine advice, drawing upon their own first-hand experience.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service levels which continue throughout the life of your booking. While you’re away you’ll also have the 24-hour support of our local English speaking partners in India. Find out more about our India travel specialists below.

travel specialist Dave


The greatest place on Earth for me is India. It all started from a young age with my first curry, I just had to go! One one-way ticket later: I arrived. After travelling roof class on top of a bus, being invited to a Hindu wedding and meeting a guru who knew everything about me, I was hooked. I was lucky enough to spend two and a half months in this incredible country, going from one magical place to the next.

On my travels I will always remember all the kind locals that looked out for me and offered me their tasty food. They are so helpful and the most fun people in the world. You can’t beat having a cup of chai with the local lads and you learn the poorest people are the most giving. India has it all and if you like a curry you’ve cracked it!


India is the most intoxicating country I have travelled in. In fact, I was meant to be there for 2 months but ended up staying for 8 because I was so blown away by it. Once it’s under your skin it’s hard to pull yourself away and you just want to keep exploring. Our customers certainly agree. Many of them end up coming back for second or third trips so they have the opportunity to experience more of its fascinating attractions. The possibilities are endless in India, with each region offering something unique.

I’m not sure if it’s the history, welcoming people, the diversity in cultures, or the food, but it is never hard to find a reason to go back.

Travel specialist Rob