Japan’s Autumn is a beautiful time of year to visit with rich red & green foliage and comfortable temperatures. This zany culture will have to eating at a robot restaurant one minute and visiting Shinto temples the next. This land of contrast is really one of the highlights of Asia and really does combine beauty and culture.

Japan trees and rock garden in Autumn.

Wizz around Japan by train easily and take in the diversity of this destination at your own pace!

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October is a great time to visit Brazil, the masses haven’t arrived yet and the temperatures are still warm with the exception of the south where it can get a bit chilly especially in the evening.

Boats on the beach in Boipeba Bahia Brazil

On the north-east islands, it is the perfect time to go diving and it’s the best time to see wildlife in the Pantanal. Brazil has something for everyone, with the Amazon for wildlife lovers and views to die for, while you can road trip down the Bahia coast will let you find your own slice of paradise under your own steam.

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The views of the Himalayas are at their best this month in Bhutan, with clear blue skies offering uninterrupted views of the dramatic landscape and superb trekking.

Customer taking on the Druk Path Trek

This is high season in Bhutan so book well in advance and soak up the spirituality at Jampey Lhakhang Drup which commemorates the establishment of this 7th-century temple. Bhutan is somewhere to find yourself and is also a safe place for solo travellers too.

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October is one of the best months to visit China with clear bright days and mild temperatures. Summer and Winter in China throw in the extremes of weather so Autumn offers a more pleasant alternative.

Great Wall of China landscape

Golden Week falls in the first week of the month and is best avoided due to high volumes of internal tourism, increased prices and difficulties getting tickets for trains and domestic flights – so get yourself in quick to secure your spaces – or wait a little longer till the end of the month!

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October marks the start of the high season in Nepal and the best time for trekking. Lots of people head out on to the trails to take advantage of the clear days and warm temperatures. Nepal really is a trekkers dream and no matter your skill level, we’ll be able to get you to some of the best views in Asia.

Dasain, Nepal’s biggest festival, takes place this month too and lasts 15 days with celebrations countrywide.

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