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Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua
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Costa Rica Holidays

Costa Rica is a paradise for adventurers, boasting abundant wildlife, awe-inspiring natural scenery, and a strong commitment to eco-tourism. Our Costa Rica holidays include unmissable highlights like spotting monkeys playing in the rainforest, trekking volcanic lava trails, and soaking up the Caribbean sunshine, along with some hidden gems. We will help you immerse yourself in the spirit of this unique destination and find those meaningful travel moments.

Discover our Costa Rica holidays

Our destination specialists have put together a range of adventure-packed itineraries, full of exciting activities and local accommodation to bring you closer to this fascinating country. Browse our Costa Rica holidays below:


Prefer to create your own Costa Rica holiday?

Using our selection of bite-sized trips you can build your own Costa Rica holiday. They include your accommodation, full of local flavour, and exciting activities in each place. Once you’ve selected the trips you like, your Costa Rica travel specialist will piece them together for you.

How does it work?

Step 1: Pick the bite-sized trips you like and either send us an online request or give us a call.

Step 2: Our Costa Rica specialists will then put together a bespoke itinerary for you.

Step 3: When you’re ready to book, your dedicated travel specialist will start arranging your holiday with our local partner in Costa Rica.

Browse a selection of our bite-sized trips below to get started.


Inspiration and advice for your Costa Rica holiday

We know that planning a trip somewhere new can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve put together a whole array of helpful advice and need to know tips to turn that overwhelm into excitement. Check out our Costa Rica highlights, find out all about visas and currency and get a taste of the cuisine with our food and drink guide

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Top things to do on Costa Rica holidays

Monkeys Costa Rica

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife

Costa Rica boasts some pretty impressive wildlife so you’ll likely have no trouble spotting some critters, especially with one of our experienced guides on hand. A great place to start is in Tortuguero National Park, an ideal place to see nesting sea turtles – green sea turtles, leatherbacks and hawksbills all make an appearance during their nesting seasons.

In the cloud forests of Monteverde, you’ll find plenty of colourful birds, with resplendent quetzals, hummingbirds, and toucans calling this piece of paradise home. You can also spot the sleepy three-toed sloth and various types of monkeys swinging through the treetops. Another great spot is Corcovado National Park, nestled down in the southern tip of the Pacific coast. This untouched wilderness is home to a staggering array of fauna, from elusive jaguars and tapirs to curious capuchin monkeys and vibrant macaws. Its unique location means you can be weaving through dense jungle one minute and strolling along wide sandy beaches the next.

Explore beautiful landscapes

Costa Rica’s diverse landscape is a tapestry of natural wonders, from ancient rainforests to palm-fringed beaches, looming volcanoes and hidden coves. The jungles of Boca Tapada, with their web of trails, allows you to explore on foot, taking in the beauty of the area and the rich wildlife. Whilst Arenal, with its imposing volcano, combines lush rainforests and thermal hot springs – a great spot for some adventure and relaxation.

Cahuita, on the Caribbean coast, has a different pace of life – boasting sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and vibrant coral reefs that beckon beach lovers and snorkelling enthusiasts alike. With all these different landscapes packed into a small country, the beauty of travelling through Costa Rica is that distances are relatively short, meaning you can experience more places during your holiday.

Costa Rica family photo in front of Arenal volcano

Experience local hospitality

Living in harmony with the stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife here are the communities dotted throughout the country, from remote rural villages to buzzing coastal towns. We love showcasing the spirit of the Costa Rican people during our trips and the Juanilama community is a perfect example of this. Nestled in a quintessential Tico village, there is a spirit of entrepreneurship that thrives among its residents. This initiative was formed by a group of women from seven families, aiming to introduce the world to their corner of Costa Rica through tourism. During your stay, you’ll gain insights into the rhythms of rural life, discover the array of plants and vegetables cultivated here, and even learn to prepare a delicious recipe, all while residing in the welcoming embrace of a local home. Pura Vida!

We try to support as many local people as possible during our trips whilst giving you an experience you won’t forget. Our accommodation is focused on Costa Rican owned and operated lodges, hotels and guesthouses wherever possible – your trip gives back to the local people and you can gain an insight into local life here.

Check out our Costa Rica blog

Our blog is packed with helpful tips, advice and first-hand knowledge from our destination experts. Take a look at the below blogs to get you started. We have tonnes of knowledge to help you get excited for your Costa Rica holiday.


Speak to our Costa Rica specialist, Kelly

“I’ve visited Costa Rica a few times and it has never let me down. It’s packed with adventure; from volcanoes to cloudforests. Plus, being wildlife-mad, it’s perfect for me. I love its diversity and impressive conservation efforts.”

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