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Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua
Costa Rica palms panorama

Through the Jungle to Tortuguero

Bite-sized trip
  • Itinerary:
    San Jose - Tortuguero
  • Duration:
    3 days / 2 nights
  • Price:
    From £ 510.- per person (excluding flights)
The amazing landscape of Tortuguero is not accessible by road. Instead you'll find rivers meandering through the pristine rainforest to the famous nesting ground of countless turtles. Fill your senses with the sounds of the rainforest, listen to howler monkeys in the distance, smell the tropical hibiscus or spot tiny red frogs in the grass. The rainforest takes you by surprise; the quieter it seems, the more animals seem to be hiding amongst the leaves.
Tortuguero banana plants

Day 1 – Arrival in Tortuguero

At around 6am you’ll be picked up at your hotel in San Jose and travel to the Caribbean coast by coach, as part of an international group. As you near the harbour you’ll drive through vast banana plantations. On arrival in Tortuguero you’ll load your bags onto the narrow boat that will take you down the river to your home for the next few days.

At the lodge you’ll go ashore and be welcomed with an arrival drink. Your home for the next couple of nights is a wooden cabin, with your own shower, toilet and fan, set in an enticing tropical garden. This afternoon you’ll have time to settle in and relax by the pool. At the end of the afternoon you’ll start your first activity. If you’re lucky to be here during the right season (Feb to April and July to October for the different species), you will probably want to see the turtles laying their eggs.

Day 2 – Exploring the waterways

You won’t need to set an alarm clock this morning as the howl of the monkeys will definitely be enough to wake you. Bright and early, you’ll leave the rest of the group and embark on a specially organised canoe adventure, with up to 6 people in the boat. As you paddle through the narrow river channels, you’ll need to keep your wits about you and occasionally duck under the branches heading your way.

In the afternoon you’ll head off on another boat excursion. As you cruise down the river you can feel the calm in the air, interrupted only by a sudden rustling of branches or twittering of birds in the trees. Your Costa Rica guide may seem to have eyes in the back of his head as he notices a lizard or kingfisher sitting motionless on a branch.

Day 3 – Departure from Tortuguero

After breakfast the following day it’s time to check out and leave Tortuguero through the network of river canals. You’ll sail back to the mainland and then travel by bus to Guapiles, from where you’ll carry on to your next stop in Costa Rica.


Tortuguero accommodation bed
Tortuguero accommodation at night
Tortuguero accommodation exterior

For this bite-sized trip we offer the following options


Switch to an off the beaten path experience

  • Price:
    From £ 465.- per person (excluding flights)
  • Included:
    Return boat transfer to Goshen Pier, accommodation, all meals, guided excursions

Feeling adventurous? We’ve got the option just for you! Venture deep into the rainforest to escape the civilised world and reunite with nature. Undiscovered by most, this is a truly unspoilt land, so the experience is pretty special. Think untouched jungle teeming with wildlife, uninterrupted views of the canals from the terrace, tiny fishing villages, sounds of the forest, oh, and no internet (or electricity). Enjoy the luxury of slowing down in a rustic eco-lodge surrounded by nature.

This bite-sized trip combines well with