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Colombia Bahia Solano whale breaching

The Whales and the Rainforest

Bite-sized trip

  • Itinerary:
    Bahia Solano
  • Duration:
    4 days / 3 nights (flexible)
  • Price:
    from £ 598.- per person (excluding flights)
Venture to Colombia's Pacific coast, where the gentle giants come to play. Spot the humpback whales, venture into the heart of the rainforest with an experienced guide and enjoy the peace and a slow pace of life. All while staying in a lovely eco-lodge.
Colombia Bahia Solano Turtle on beach
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Day 1 – Arrival at Bahia Solano

After a short flight from Medellin, you’ll be met by your driver at the airport and whisked to an eco-lodge, your home for the next few days.  Tucked away on the Pacific coast, this place is simply incredible. The eco-conscious ethos shines through everywhere: from the natural materials used to build the property, to the vegetable garden and water purification system, to the natural biodegradable products being used throughout the property. On top of that, the lodge collaborates exclusively with the businesses that share a commitment to treating their staff well while providing employment to the local people.

Here you’ll sleep in a wooden hut with a mosquito net and the views of the rainforest. The open design of the rooms allows you to fully immerse yourself in the sounds of the jungle. You can relax with a book in a hammock or take a dip in the natural pool by the lodge. The beach is only a short stroll away.

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Day 2 – Whale watching!

After a fresh breakfast, today’s adventure takes you on a quest to spot humpback whales. From mid-June to mid-October, there’s a great chance of seeing these gentle giants off the coast, as they come to the warmer waters of the Pacific from Antarctica. Watch them as they leap out of the water, spray fountains and swim under the boat boat. If you’re lucky, you might be graced with the iconic tail flip! Dolphins usually accompany the boats to make this trip even more fun.

By lunchtime, you’ll return to your lodge, leaving the entire afternoon to do as you please. If you’re up for some yoga,, grab a mat (available at the lodge), find the most scenic spot and do your best downward dog to the sounds of the rainforest. Otherwise, take a stroll down the coast, SUP down the local river or simply enjoy your down time in the beautiful surroundings.

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Day 3 – Explore the Almejal Nature Park

This morning, accompanied by a local guide, you venture into the heart of the rainforest. English-speaking guides are scarce in this region, but we’ve found it to be more of an enriching experience than an inconvenience. In the middle of the jungle your guide points out remarkable animals and plants that might easily escape an untrained eye. Did you know that this park is home to an astonishing 350 bird species, various frogs, as well as monkeys, iguanas, crabs, lobsters, and a myriad of butterflies and insects?

The beach near the lodge serves as a vital nesting ground for turtles and your lodge actively participates in their protection. Feel free to inquire on-site for more information about their conservation efforts.

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Day 4 – Departure

Enjoy your final breakfast with a view of the ocean before bidding farewell to this natural haven. Step into a taxi bound for the airport with a heart brimming with memories. As you board the plane back to Medellin, your journey continues.


Please note: while the whale-watching season here lasts from mid-June to mid-October, Bahia Solano is worth visiting throughout the year. Outside the season we will instead arrange a boat trip to the wild and beautiful Utria National Park, where you’ll travel past the rugged coast and into the rainforest, see mangrove bays and visit beautiful hidden beaches. With plenty of wildlife calling this place a home, you’ll be sure to spot some exciting local residents with the help of your guide.

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The Whales and the Rainforest

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