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Colombia Travel Advice

Colourful streets of Colombia

It’s so exciting to book a trip and think about all the new places you are going to visit, but there’s also a lot of practical things to think about too. To make it easier we have put together some helpful advice below, so you can focus on the exciting bit. 

Colombia Bogota

Best time to visit Colombia

Colombia offers a fantastic year-round destination with everything from colonial towns, pretty beaches and dense jungle. Read more about the best time to visit Colombia and what to expect. 

Visa, passport and money advice

When you’re travelling anywhere there is always some admin to get on top of. Our team of Colombia experts have put together some helpful advice on all the important things – visas, passports and money. Find out more about what you need to bear in mind for your trip.

Colombia colourful streets
Tourist cycling through Colombia

Getting around Colombia

From public buses to private transfers, travelling around Colombia is a piece of cake! Find out more about the modes of transport you will take during your holiday to Colombia with us. 

Book flights with Rickshaw

At Rickshaw not only do we prearrange every aspect of your holiday itinerary we also book international flights and any domestic flights for your trip.

Zipwire Colombia San Gil
Where the forest meets the sea Colombia


From comfy guest houses to beachside posadas, we have a range of accommodation across Colombia which showcases the warmth and hospitality of this stunning country. Find out more about where you will be staying on a holiday to Colombia with us.