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Salsa Down the Streets of Cali

Bite-sized trip

  • Location:
    Santiago de Cali
  • Duration:
    3 days / 2 nights (flexible)
  • Price:
    from £ 115.- per person (excluding flights)
Famed for its fascinating carnivals and never-ending fiestas, Cali will welcome you as a family member: with open arms, delicious dinner and a party. It might not be the most architecturally splendid city in Colombia, but the vibe and the atmosphere makes up for it! While in Cali, you'll get to taste some of the local staples and get yourself acquainted with the region's traditional cuisine. And for the salsa lovers there will be plenty of opportunities to show off your skills!
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Day 1 – Welcome to Cali!

Next stop is Cali, officially Santiago de Cali, the city best known for its free spirit and seductive salsa. You won’t find a huge amount of obligatory must-sees here, but it’s the lifestyle and the vibe that everyone is after when visiting. Bursting with colours and energy, it’s vibrant and vivid, and anything but boring. The city becomes even more alive in the evening, with the breeze from the hills cooling it down. There’s plenty to keep you entertained, from bars to local eateries and of course the obligatory salsa skilfully performed by the calenos right on the streets. Feel free to join!

Your charming traditional posada is perfectly located not far from all the buzz of the centre.

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Day 2 – Food tour and departure

The next day you’ll get to explore Cali’s culinary scene. Make your own way to the meeting point where your street food tour begins. Together with your English-speaking guide and a handful of explorers just like you you’ll learn about the street culture, venture off to the local markets and try some regional delicacies (from chontaduro, to lulada, to ceviche colombiano – all these words will make sense to you afterwards). The rest of your time in Cali is free, salsa your way around your favourite spots or go beyond and discover the new ones!


The following morning after breakfast your adventures in Cali will come to an end. Get ready to discover new amazing places!

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Salsa Down the Streets of Cali

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