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San Agustin Colombia stone sculptures

Mystical Statues of San Agustin

Bite-sized trip

  • Itinerary:
    San Agustin
  • Duration:
    3 days / 2 nights (flexible)
  • Price:
    from £ 206.- per person (excluding flights)
  • Activity:
    Guided tour of the archaeological sites
Uncover the mystery around the five thousand old stone figures crafted by ancient civilisations during your stay in San Agustin. During your guided excursion you'll visit some of the most significant archaeological sites in the whole country and marvel at ancient statues, half humans and half animals. You'll learn about theories of their appearance and the mysteries surrounding the figurines.
Colombia San Agustin stone figures
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Day 1 – Arrival in San Agustin

Today you’ll travel to San Agustin, a quaint town in Western Colombia. With white and green houses lining its streets and a small plaza in front of the church it’s quaint, compact and quiet. The town itself is not the main attraction, that’s why we’ve chosen a traditional country estate just out of town for you to stay at. With mountains as a backdrop and tropical gardens spread around the grounds, this place is idyllic. And rustic furniture simply adds more character.



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Days 2 – Explore the stone figures of San Agustin

After breakfast, you will be picked up by your guide for a half-day excursion to the Parque Arqueológico de San Agustín. It is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Colombia and a truly magical place. Here you’ll find over 500 stone statues and tombs of mysterious origin, dotted around the green Magdalene Gorge. While there are plenty of theories attempting to explain how the statues appeared in this place, the most common one claims they were created by two different civilisations over 5,000 years ago. Together with your guide you’ll walk around the park exploring the groups of statues and learn about their history.

Your afternoon is free and you can spend your time exploring the area or simply chilling at the hotel. But if you’re really into archaeology and ancient civilisations, why not plan an additional excursion to El Purutal, La Pelota and El Tablon. We can easily arrange this for you, just let your Travel Specialist know.

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Days 3 – Farewell to San Agustin

Enjoy your final breakfast in San Agustin before you check out from your countryside hotel. It’s time to leave this peaceful place, adventures await!

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Mystical Statues of San Agustin

For this bite-sized trip we offer the following options

Colombia San Agustin stone sculptures

Mystical Statues of San Agustin (extended)

  • Price:
    From £{34789} per person
  • Included:
    Day tour with private English-speaking guide, further overnight with breakfast in San Agustin

Today calls for more archaeological adventures. After breakfast, together with your guide, you’ll set off exploring more of the area around San Agustin. In addition to other sites, you’ll visit El Estrecho, where the mighty Rio Magdalena wriggles through a narrow gorge, and two other archaeological sites: Alto de los Idolos (closed on Wednesdays) and Alto de las Piedras. Here you will come across huge 7-metres-high statues, half-buried underground.

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