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Mucura island hammocks beach

Coral Islands of the Caribbean

Bite-sized trip

  • Itinerary:
    Isla Grande
  • Duration:
    3 days / 2 nights (flexible)
  • Price:
    From £ 284.- per person (excluding flights)
Let's talk Caribbean beach break. White powdery sand, warm turquoise water, incredible snorkelling, watching sunset from a hammock? This will all come true as soon as you leave the shores of bustling Cartagena and set your foot on one of the Rosario islands. Spending a few days on this stunning archipelago (also being a Natural Coral Park!) is the best way to end your Colombia adventure. Tropical paradise awaits!
Colombia Snorkling Mucura Island
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Day 1 – Arrival at Isla Grande

Only an hour by speedboat away from Cartagena lies a tropical slice of paradise – the famous Rosario Islands (also known as the Rosario and San Bernardo Corals National Natural Park). The archipelago is picture perfect, with coral reefs, sandy beaches and the warm sea of all shades of green and blue – everything you’d expect from a Caribbean getaway.

Your boat from Cartagena departs early in the morning so you can enjoy a full day by the beach. Keep your swimsuit handy in case you’ve got some time to kill before the check-in!

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Day 2-4 – Free time and departure

This tropical island is your home for the next few days, so make the most out of your stay. We’re talking total relaxation –  chill in a hammock, snorkel in the turquoise sea and take in all the sunshine there is! Your hotel has a private beach with sun loungers where you can laze around all day long. And if you feel like a real explorer, hop on a boat to the neighbouring islands! The resort offers some daytrips you can book there and then if you feel like.

On your last day you will enjoy a few more hours in paradise – you have until after lunch before hopping on a boat back to Cartagena.

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Coral Islands of the Caribbean