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Be inspired by Colombia

Colourful streets of Colombia

Colombia is brimming with possibilities for a great South American adventure. Discover their delicious food, strong music culture, turbulent history and beautiful scenery. Experience the relaxed atmosphere as you stroll along cobbled colonial streets, sip strong coffee and soak in the Latin spirit.

Our top reasons to visit Colombia

Get into the Party Spirit

Festivals are big news in Colombia and the locals love to celebrate in style. Below you will find the most important holidays to take into account when planning your holiday to Colombia.

Carnival is one of the biggest festivals of the year. Forty days before Easter, the party begins in the city of Barranquilla and the drinks flow freely. Parades and performances are held, and everyone dances in the streets until the early hours. It’s the largest carnival celebration in South America after Carnival in Brazil. There is also a big carnival party in the south of the country in early January, called Blancos y Negros and September brings more party spirit with a salsa festival in the city of Cali!

Because the Colombians are largely Catholic, they also celebrate the Christian holidays. During these times many offices and supermarkets are closed.

Colombian flag
Medellin city Colombia man sat against blue wall

Feel the Rhythm

Music plays a major role in the daily life of the average Colombian and you will hear music everywhere during a trip through the country. The culture is a mix of African, European and Indian influences and this is reflected in the different music styles. Bambuco, Cumbia, Vallenato, Porro and Salsa are some of the styles you will hear here, with Vallenato being the national music.

Laidback Lifestyle

The Colombians like to do everything at their own pace. And that pace is nice and relaxed. Strolling across the street, chatting with each other, drinking coffee together and taking it easy – it’s an important part of Colombian culture to have a good time with friends and family. Planning ahead isn’t typical, meaning a more go with the flow approach. Colombians are incredibly friendly and welcoming  to their home country.

Local man crowing coffee Armenia city Salento town Colombia
Tourist bike trip San Gil

Best time to travel to Colombia

With year round temperatures never dropping below 15 degrees, Colombia is a great destination to visit all year round.

Across the country there are different types of climates thanks to the many geographical regions and vast size, read more on when to visit Colombia and what to expect when you are there.