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Feel the spirit of Cambodia

Cambodia headland

Cambodia is small but packed with spirit and filled with surprises. The landscape is a tempting, remote jumble of hidden volcanic lakes, forest waterfalls, castaways islands and jungle ruins. The cities are heartwarming and hectic, with many reminders of the country’s recent troubled past, while the people have a gentle, unshakeable outlook on life. Stay with local families in traditional stilted lake houses, visit inspiring forest eco-projects, clamber between temples being overtaken by the jungle and try your hand at classic Khmer cooking.

Our favourite places during your Cambodia holiday

Collapse on castaway islands

Cambodia’s coastline is scattered with white sand crescents of beach and tropical offshore islands. With its Robinson Crusoe feeling, you can wander barefoot along white-sand beaches, watch the local fisherman reeling in the catch at sunset, swing in a hammock overlooking the Gulf of Thailand and snorkel through an underwater world filled with colourful marine life.

Cambodia local beach
Cambodia field

Ramble through remote countryside

Beyond the well-trodden tourist route between Cambodia’s major cities, there are remote, rural pockets that are still largely untravelled. Getting off the beaten path and experiencing real life in the countryside is still possible. While it might take some time to reach these isolated nooks, your efforts will be richly rewarded. You can stretch out in the sunshine by lush green fields, trek through untouched forests and swim in jungle waterfalls.

Spend your honeymoon in Cambodia

Mix the warm and welcoming local people with the quiet beauty, castaway beaches and stunning volcanic lake backdrops and you’ve found yourself a top honeymoon destination. Cambodia has so much to offer from ancient ruins to hidden, remote areas of beauty, it’s just begging to be explored.

Couple at the temple ruins
Cambodia Tonle Sap river boat

Best time to visit Cambodia

Our Cambodia team has extensive experience of travelling in Cambodia, see when they recommend visiting to make the most of the sun and avoid monsoon season.