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Top 7 Holiday Destinations for 2019


We may only be still in 2018, but we’re already thinking ahead to the destinations crowning our ‘must-visit’ list next year. So, are you in need of some travel inspiration for next year’s holiday? We’ve done our own trend-spotting data wizardry, as well as looking at global trends and a bit of own gut instinct to pick our top 7 holiday destinations for 2019! Whether you’re craving full-on jungle adventures, seeking out new and untrodden paths or fancy discovering a new side to an old favourite, here’s where you should visit in 2019…
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Oh, Canada, you absolute powerhouse of beauty. From thousands of stunning lakes, the towering Rocky Mountains, and some of the biggest wildlife to be spotted, it’s a real natural paradise. We think that Canada gives you the opportunity to be at one with nature, with your loved ones or yourself, it’s ideal for photography lovers, whale watchers and bird spotters!

But it’s not just wildlife, Canada has some buzzing cities, cute towns, and some adventurous activities to keep you coming back for more. Want to hike a glacierNo problem! Mountain bike surrounded by forests? Easy! Camp by tranquil lakes watching the stars? Tick!

If this all tickles your fancy, get ready for an epic adventure from start to finish, in one of the friendliest destinations in the world.

When to go: The spring months of April & May are great months for spring-time travelling or September & October are great for autumn, and both periods have better availability which can be an issue during the peak summer months.

Canada lake mountains
Cuba beach


Cuba has seen a steady stream of visitors from its US neighbour since trading restrictions were relaxed, but its character remains unchanged – warm, wild and open-hearted. There are the old world beauty and restless thrum of  Havana’s streets , where you can raise a Mojito to Hemingway and see cornerstones of the country’s revolutionary history. You can roll cigars with local farmers and trek through the Tobacco Hills of Viñales, or spend lazy days under the palm trees of its desert islands. Welcome to Cuba!

The country is now opening up to tourism, and visiting now will let you see  Cuba in a real time of change with its new president . Despite this, the differences here can be overwhelming (the country has two currencies, for example!). We can help  guide you through  this changing country for a genuinely meaningful experience without the stress. Our local partners in Cuba are committed to sustainable tourism and will arrange authentic local accommodation, home-cooked meals and true Cuban hospitality in a way that works with the local people and culture.

When to go: You’ve struck gold – Cuba’s sub-tropical climate means the sun shines all year round.


If you love heading off the beaten trackBorneo is ripe for exploring. With untouched, wildlife-rich rainforests, meandering rivers and national parks, it’s a playground for adventurers – and a surprisingly accessible one, at that. If you’re thinking of visiting in 2019, we can help plan a trip that’s as easy-going or as jam-packed as you fancy. If you’re looking for a family holiday with a difference in 2019, Borneo has plenty to please kids, too (we’ve even got special ready-made itineraries for families).

Think jungle boat cruises down its steamy rivers; days spent trekking through the rainforest and meeting endangered  orangutans at the Sepilok sanctuary . You can get to grips with the Malaysian side with a spell in lively  Kuala Lumpur ; meet a native Iban headhunter tribe in Sarawak, or even squeeze in some horizontal hangtime on  white-sand castaway beaches .

When to go: Borneo is a great year-round destination, but December and January tend to see the heaviest rainfall.

Borneo kid on the beach
Thailand elephants


One of the trends we’ve noticed this year is people combining various combinations of Indochina destinations, normally Vietnam & Cambodia with Laos, Myanmar or Thailand. This is a fantastic way to get the very best of this region and have an epic journey while you’re at it. This way you can see the buzzing highlights of Vietnam, the history in rugged Cambodia and add on a visit to the elephant nature park in Thailand or a homestay visit in Myanmar – it would be rude not too while you’re there!?

When to go: Indochina’s climate varies greatly throughout the region, but luckily our Indochina specialist Paul has put together the best times to visit depending on which combination you’re after.


We’ve seen a massive surge in people after a rustic trip to Argentina. But why, we wondered?! Oh, maybe it’s the wine, or the penguins, or the scenery, or the culture, or the whales, or the glaciers… Basically, there were too many reasons for us to pinpoint what exactly, but there’s no real doubt that Argentina has a bucket-load on offer to anyone looking for a South American road trip!

If you’re after amazing scenery, the Iguazu Falls are breathtaking, if you’re after wildlife, you can head to the Peninsula Valdes to spot whales, seals and penguins. Culture more your thing? Feel the sassy spirit of Buenos Aires before heading to the mountains for a spot of wine tasting and learning how it’s made in Mendoza.

When to go: We suggest heading to Argentina in the springtime (October to mid-December) and autumn (April to mid-June) the best times to visit, so you’ll avoid the tourist crowds and peak season prices.

Argentina waterfall
Sri lanka child elephants

Sri Lanka

This emerald-green, teardrop-shaped island may be relatively small, but Sri Lanka is full to the brim with luscious green scenery, huge national parks and gold-dust beaches. If you love to see some local wildlife on your travels, Sri Lanka more than delivers. Yala National Park is brimming with grazing elephants, leopards and chattering monkeys, and jeep safaris let you spot them in the wild and even see orphaned, baby elephants resting at the  Elephant Transit Home .

Hike into Sri Lanka’s famous rolling countryside to catch sight of its famous tea pickers in the green, fragrant tea fields; make the climb to the spectacular  Adam’s Peak  for panoramic views across the valleys or even hit the jungle to tackle the trails to Ella Rock. You can get to know the locals on a homestay, where you can pick up a few tips on  cooking Sri Lankan curry  (similar to Indian, with fresher, hotter chillies) and wind down with a break on the palms-studded beaches of the south.

When to go: Sri Lanka is great all year round, but avoid the south-west from May to September and the northeast in October and November to dodge monsoon season.


Finally, we give you Japan. A country that fully embodies a meeting of modern and traditional. Two-thirds mountains, the scenery here is a thing to behold. The soaring  Mount Fuji  is the country’s icon (you’ll even spot it on a ¥1000 note) and represents Japan’s sacred heart.

The cities need little introduction; the shimmering, hyper-modern cityscapes of Tokyo and Osaka have come to symbolise modern Asia, with world-leading food, fashion and nightlife scenes and ultra-luxury hotels jostling for prominence. There’s still the chance to seek out local secrets in Japan, despite its prominence as a tourist destination – the quieter, beach-fringed islands offer a radically different culture to the pace of the ‘mainland’. Alternatively, the time-honoured temples of  Kyoto  and breathtaking gardens are a glimpse into the past.

When to go: Japan’s doors are open all year round, depending on what you want to do. If you’re after the cherry blossoms you’ll need to go between April and May, however, if you want to have a cooler experience, winter in Japan is also great (and you can always head up to Nagano for some Skiing!).

Japan garden
Chile mountain landscape

Wildcard! Chile

We couldn’t let you leave before putting our wildcard into the mix! Chile has had a lot of interest, especially when combined with Argentina for the ultimate South American double-act. From trekking the mighty Torres mountain & national park, the unusual culture (including some amazingly strange folklore) and 16 UNESCO heritage sights on the island of Chiloé and of course, a hop out to see the heads on Easter Island, this skinny but long destination packs a mighty punch!

It’s not all rustic mountains and crazy heads though, oh no! Chile also has lively and romantic cities like Santiago de Chile which is also well worth a visit while you’re there and stunning vineyards to visit too. Chile’s more than earnt its space as our wildcard!

When to go: Chile is a funny one, with a huge variety of climates thanks to its length, but fear not, we have a guide for the best time to visit each region.