View of the Atlas mountains from the roadside in Morocco

Explore the Atlas Mountains

Get off Morocco’s beaten track with a trek in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Explore the beautiful and sometimes bizarre Ameln Valley, where you’re likely to see trees full of goats as well as towering cliffs, strange rock formations and sweeping valleys. You’ll even pass a maze of brightly painted rocks scattered across a desolate landscape, the work of a psychedelic Belgium let loose with a paintbrush! It’s a sleepy, timeless area with friendly locals and genuine warmth.

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Travellers sitting by a mountain in the Atlas Mountain in Morocco

Conquer Mount Toubkal

Climb the highest peak in Morocco on a trek to really remember, rising from rich foothills thick with fruit orchards to the rocky desolation of the summit, where you’ll see the entire valley spread out before you. Stay in welcoming, rustic mountain huts along the way, getting a firsthand glimpse of remote Moroccan hospitality, wake up to sweeping pastel sunrises and feel, quite literally, on top of the world. It’s not a trek for the faint-hearted, but it’s worth every footstep, with staggering views and heartwarming experiences around every bend. If you’re ready for a challenge, you won’t be disappointed.

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Group of people sitting on a sand dune in the Sahara desert in Morocco

Scale endless sand dunes

Set off into the sunset on a camel safari to the edge of Saharan dunes. When you arrive, scale giant dunes and take a perch for a killer sunset, as streaks of colour shift across the sand. While it’s not a trek in the traditional sense, it’s a chance to get active in Morocco. Sleep in a rustic desert camp, huddle around a crackling campfire under starry skies and scamper back up the dunes for sunrise, watching the day break over the endless rolling desert.

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customer with local man tying scarf in morocco

Meet the Berbers

If Toubkal is a bridge too far, try a trek through the foothills of the Atlas Mountains instead, meet the Berber people and get a taste of traditional life. The route takes you through thick forests, past fruit orchards, under blossoming trees and over rushing rivers, as you walk from village to village. Snow-tipped peaks stretch out on the horizon and wandering donkeys block the pathways. Stop in the mountain sunshine for some real homecooked food. Sleeping in small mountain huts owned by the Berbers, you’ll be welcomed with wide smiles and local stories.

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