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From snow-capped volcanoes and peaceful gardens to futuristic neon streets and towering castles, Japan is as diverse as it is long with an array of islands and fascinating cultural quirks to discover.

It is possible to travel to Japan all year round, but there are some specific climate zones and seasons to bear in mind.  Travelling during spring and autumn gives you the most pleasant temperatures overall, as well as fantastic photos of cherry blossoms and autumnal leaves.  Winter is still very beautiful in its own way, and also less busy – just make sure you pack a coat. Read on below to find the best time to visit Japan for you.

Japan's climate by season

  • Weather
  • Temperature (celsius)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
JapanSnowSnowSunny IntervalsSunSunShowersShowersSunny IntervalsSunSunSunny IntervalsSnow
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Japanese blossom tree by the water

Spring (March - May)

During the popular cherry blossom season temperatures range between 15° and 23°C, two very good reasons why this is the most popular time of year to travel Japan. We recommend planning and booking your trip for this time of year as well in advance as possible, at least 6 months prior to your departure but earlier if you can.

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Family in Japan infront of Haknoe

Summer (June - August)

The summer months’ average temperatures often rise to around 30°C and humidity is high. The first few weeks are usually characterised by rainy days, but don’t let this put you off because summer time is also festival time! If you enjoy parades, folk dancing and mountain hikes then make sure to grab a fan, a rain coat, drink plenty of water and head out for the celebrations.

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Majestic waterfall flowing down the rocks in amongst autumn coloured leaves and trees

Autumn (September - November)

With trees dressed in autumnal leaves and pleasant temperatures between 18° and 26°C, autumn is as popular as Spring for a visit to Japan. For this reason, if you want to head to Japan at this time of year, we recommend allowing at least 6 months prior to departure for booking your trip.

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Winter (December - February)

The further north you travel in Japan during winter, the colder the temperatures will be, and likewise, the further south you travel, the temperatures will be relatively milder. Winter days tend to be dry and sunny with average temperatures between 3° and 9°C in the southern cities. So, despite being cooler, it’s still a pleasant time of year to travel and you’re more likely to get those iconic photos of mountains and volcanoes with a backdrop of gorgeous blue skies.

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  • Neon lights of street food region
  • Golden temples surrounded by lake
  • Snow topped mountain with Japanese red temple
  • Snow topped mountain with Japanese red temple
  • Golden temples surrounded by lake
A giant Buddha statue made out of bronzeJapan History Overview
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