Costa Rica

Spend a night with a Costa Rican tribe

Make your way into the Costa Rican jungle by boat to spend some time with the BriBri Tribe.  After being welcomed into the village, and maybe after a quick dip in the river, you’ll learn about their culture and way of life, as well as getting involved in making some delicious chocolate.  You’ll spend the night in a traditional cabana, surrounded by the buzz of the jungle.

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Girl on the back of a vespa

Whizz through Vietnam on the back of a vintage Vespa

Scoot through Saigon on a vintage Vespa, searching for hidden street food hotspots. Zip through the backstreets after dark, sample tasty traditional snacks in the city and listen to local live music as you sip on a Vietnamese coffee. It’s a night tour and a foodie adventure rolled into one.

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Journey through a lunar landscape in India

Travel through the moon-like landscapes of North West India, passing ancient Himalayan monasteries and villages on your way.  You’ll pass between Buddhist Ladakh and Muslim Kashmir, giving you a taste of two very different cultures first hand.  It’ll be an unforgettable journey.

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Piranha Fish

Spot Wildlife in the Remote Bolivian Pampas

Travel by 4×4 past remote villages to the Yacuma River before taking a wooden canoe through dense jungle scenery in Bolivia’s Pampas. Go piranha fishing by day and alligator spotting by night. The high trees and walls of impenetrable green are a perfect hiding place for the animals here.

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Travel the local way in Myanmar

Ready for an authentic adventure? This bite-size trip in Myanmar will whisk you off to discover laid back villages and breathtaking landscapes. Travel by boat down the Dokthawaddy River, hop on a local bus to trek through remote villages and take the train over the mighty Gokteik Viaduct. This unique experience is all about the journey, not just the destination.

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Lava aglow in the Masaya volcanoa in Nicaragua

Peer into the heart of an active volcano in Nicaragua

Hike to the mouth of the active Masaya Volcano on an evening trip from the capital. See parakeets and bats along the way then peer into the crater mouth, and observe the lava activity of a recent crater formed in 2006. The red glow of the lava lightens the whole surroundings.

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Customer and local woman cooking together
Sri Lanka

Cook up a Sri Lankan curry at a local homestay

Get a real taste of Sri Lanka on a traditional homestay in Kandy as you learn to cook with the family at home in the curry kitchen. It’s a really authentic way of experiencing daily life and discovering the secrets of traditional Sri Lankan cuisine.

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Family Travel

Homestay is where the heart is – a Thailand family adventure

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Meaningful Travel

Why We've Said 'No' To Elephant Riding

7th August 2017 by Hannah

We're a passionate bunch here at Rickshaw. Find out why we said 'no' to elephant riding & take a gander at our elephant-friendly trips

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