Getting around Indonesia

There are lots of different ways of getting around Indonesia, and hopefully you’ll get to experience most of them during your trip. Our Indonesia travel specialists will arrange all your transfers for you, linking our bite-sized trips together with transport options we feel best suit you. They’ll use a mix of the options below, giving you an adventurous and varied trip. Here are some of the kinds of transport options we have to offer across each of our destinations in Indonesia…

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Getting Around Nusa Tenggara

White sands and azure waters; as you might expect, most travelling throughout the islands of Nusa Tenggara is done by boat. You’ll find a mix of larger fast boats, slower ferries and small local boats. You might even visit islands with no roads at all, where people travel by horse and cart, or, as they’re known locally, Cidomo. On Lombok you can expect point to point transfers by car and in the more remote Flores you’ll travel by private car.


Getting Around Bali

Aside from the occasional bike or boat, in Bali you’ll mostly travel by private transfer. For each leg of your trip you’ll have a different driver and you can expect a clean, comfortable car or minibus. As Bali’s roads are well maintained, most transfers run smoothly. There is, however, normally just one road connecting two places and with Bali’s many festivals, you can sometimes get stuck behind a procession of some kind. Not to worry, we’ll make sure you’re on time!


Getting Around Sumatra

When travelling around Sumatra’s mountainous interior and steamy jungles, most of the time you can expect a private transfer. During some of our bite-sized Sumatra trips, however, you’ll need to switch to a jeep or a ferry. As English isn’t widely spoken in Sumatra, you may find that your driver’s level of English is very limited. However, the locals are incredibly friendly people and with a few hand gestures and a bit of patience, you’ll be speaking the same language in no time.


Getting Around Java

Java is the only Indonesian island where we recommend travelling by train. The first tracks were built in 1867, but a lot’s changed since then! We’ll book you an executive class seat, so you can expect some comfort, a hot meal and good leg room in an air-conditioned carriage. Bear in mind that train routes are limited and to reach some areas you’ll travel by private car, where you can expect to have the same driver throughout.


Travelling with Meaning

Hopping between islands in Indonesia can often be done by a short ferry ride, taking you through landscapes and sights that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen by plane. Exploring areas by bicycle is a fantastic way to take in the surroundings at a comfortable pace. Of course, the most sustainable way to travel is by foot! Travelling by foot will allow you to soak up the hidden highlights of Indonesia and interact with the local people along the way.

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