Your most frequently asked Indonesia travel questions

So, you’ve decided to go to Indonesia and have short-listed your favourite trips. But you still have some unanswered questions. To help, we’ve put together a list of our most commonly asked questions and asked our Indonesia travel specialists to give you their advice.

How much should I tip in Indonesia?

On average we suggest that you tip your guides and drivers about £2 per person per day. Obviously, if you really enjoyed their service then offer them more, it would be greatly appreciated.

In restaurants, it’s not expected for you to tip after your meal but we suggest rounding the bill up which is fairly customary throughout Asia.

What should I wear while travelling in Indonesia?

Indonesia is home to a variety of cultures and backgrounds. The islands of Lombok, Java and Sumatra are predominantly Muslim and there may be times where dressing modestly would be appreciated. On Bali, this is not so much of a concern.

But when you’re visiting temples it’s important to wear clothes which cover your knees and your shoulders. If you forget, the temples normally have spare sarongs for you to tie around your waist.

What should I pack for trekking in Indonesia?

If you’re trekking in Indonesia. for the day or overnight, we suggest some sturdy shoes as a must. The terrain is generally dry and rocky so walking poles may be useful too. If you’re staying overnight, pack something warm as the villages in the mountains can get cold at night. You’ll only need to pack an overnight back so don’t carry too much with you. The remainder of your luggage will be taken to your next hotel. Water and food is provided on the treks but it might be an idea to take some snacks with you to keep you going between meals.

What kind of luggage is best to take to Indonesia?

It’s entirely up to you what you feel more comfortable with. A wheely suitcase is fine for most of our trips but there may be times when you need to wheel your suitcase across the sand when you arrive at one of the islands. If you’re trekking you will need to have an overnight bag too as you won’t be travelling with the bulk of your luggage.

Are the airlines safe in Indonesia?

At Rickshaw, we only work with airlines which are on the ABTA/ATOL certified list. This includes Air Asia, and the national carrier Garuda Air.

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