Bolivia Visa, Passport and Money Advice

When you book with us, our travel specialists will provide all the travel information you need to get your trip under way. Below, you’ll find some useful Bolivia travel information, from visas to money advice. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your Bolivia trip.

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Visa, Passports & Vaccinations

As long as you hold a valid British passport and are staying in Bolivia for no longer than 30 days, you won’t require a visa to travel.  Extensions can be sought whilst in Bolivia by visiting an immigration office during your stay. Your passport must be valid for six months beyond your intended return date.  Yellow Fever vaccination is required for travellers arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission.

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Flying via the USA?

If you’re flying to Peru via the USA and want to use the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP), you will need to apply for an ESTA (Electronic System Travel Authorization) in advance. All travellers on UK passports (including children and infants) must have an individual machine-readable passport and must complete an ESTA prior to departure. Without an approved ESTA, you could be denied entry into the US and therefore denied boarding your flight(s). It’s worth also checking the US embassy ESTA for current customs regulations, as they change frequently.

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Local Currency

The currency in Bolivia is the Boliviano (BOB), although dollars are widely accepted and many prices are listed in dollars. However, you should bear in mind when paying with US dollar notes, that only crisp notes are likely to be accepted. ATMs can found in the major cities and some large towns and are becoming more common.  All major cards are accepted. Remember, in Bolivia, cash is king.

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