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About Rickshaw Peru & Bolivia


Our Peru travel specialists are on hand to help and inspire you throughout the planning of your holiday. They know all the best tips about travelling in Peru, and they’ve experienced many of the trips we offer first-hand.

Flexibility and independence are fundamental, which is why they can arrange your holiday to fit your style of travel and desired pace. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, excellent service levels which continue throughout the life of your booking.

You’ll even receive 24-hour support from our English speaking Peru-based partners during your travels. With plenty of their own exciting travel experiences under their belts,  they’ll be on hand to advise, inspire and share their own travel stories with you.

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I have spent a fair bit of time in Peru and I’m keen to return soon to experience the breath-taking scenery and colourful culture. My most memorable experience was, without a doubt, Machu Picchu. Nowadays you can do all sorts besides trekking, though. Things like cooking with locals, helping on a farm as well as wildlife in the Amazon. There’s really something for everyone!


Seeing the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu with its amazing mountain views was a highlight. Lima, the capital, was lively with colourful markets and tasty ceviche. Exploring Inca sites in the Sacred Valley, like Ollantaytambo, was a journey into the country’s rich history. I also got to experience the Amazon Rainforest, meeting unique animals and enjoying the vibrant jungle vibes. Peru’s mix of places, from the coast to the mountains and the lush Amazon, made it a memorable adventure for me.

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My trip in Peru was like entering a fascinating world. Arequipa’s White City, with its pretty buildings and Misti Volcano, was stunning. Floating on Uros, the islands in Lake Titicaca, felt unreal. Cusco’s busy markets and old Inca ruins were like a journey back in time. Flying over the mysterious Nazca Lines was an exciting adventure. Going to Paracas, I loved the Ballestas Islands with their lively sea animals. Peru’s different places made my journey full of unique and unforgettable moments.

Meet our team of Bolivia travel specialists

Our Bolivia Travel Specialists are here to help and inspire you throughout the planning of your holiday. They specialise in creating itineraries that take you to the heart of Bolivia and will listen to your every want and need along the way. Our Bolivia team and are on hand to advise and share their own travel stories with you. You’ll also receive 24 hour support from our English speaking local partners in Bolivia during your travels.

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It’s a long time since I went to Bolivia on my first ever South America trip and would love to return one day as I missed out on the Bolivian Amazon Jungle. Everyone always remarks about the unique and surprising landscape of which the Salt flats are a firm favourite. It’s one of those lesser visited countries in its neighbours’ shadow, definitely worth the effort.


Bolivia was an amazing adventure with diverse landscapes and rich culture. Exploring the busy markets of La Paz, I enjoyed the vibrant colours and indigenous traditions. The surreal Uyuni salt flats were like a vast white desert. Potosi’s historic silver mines shared Bolivia’s colonial history, and Lake Titicaca’s peaceful shores offered a relaxing escape. The Amazon rainforest was full of unique wildlife, making my journey even more exciting. Bolivia’s mix of nature and culture made it a really special place, and I’ll always remember the beauty and warmth I experienced there.

Travel Specialist Rob