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A country full of natural beauty and wonder, a passion for wine, dancing and the great outdoors. Spend the night in a locally run estancia (ranch) and ride across the valleys on horseback. Cycle between the vineyards of northern Argentina, with a possible tipple or two, and visit remote tucked away villages en route. Or head south to Patagonia, where you can sail amongst the icebergs or kayak across glacier lakes.

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Two women travellers with penguins in the background in Argentina


Explore Argentina's wild side
Spot humpback whales, watch scampering coatis and visit vast penguin colonies. Argentina might be more famous for its landscape, but it’s got a real wild side.
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Whale spotting in Argentina | Robert Murray

Rambler Tales

Whale spotting in Argentina | Robert Murray

by Rickshaw Ramblers

Our Rickshaw Rambler Robert Murray has returned from an unforgettable whale spotting trip in Argentina with some great pictures and even better stories!
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