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Our guides and drivers in Argentina

Meet our guides and drivers in Argentina

By working closely with our local office in Argentina, we can ensure that our customers not only have a friendly face to greet them on arrival, but also are in the capable hands of knowledgeable and trained guides and drivers who will ensure their Argentina holiday runs smoothly from start to finish. Although our trips allow you to travel Argentina as independently as possible, by organising transfers we can make sure that your time is spent enjoying the culture and sights around you and not wasted on logistics!

Argentina Buenos Aires local man and tourist
Local guide Florencia takes selfie in front of Argentina city scape

Florencia Rodrigez

Florencia Rodrigez is a 26-year old tour guide who has been working in tourism since she was 18. Here’s a bit about her life in Argentina..

‘I grew up in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, in Lanus neighbourhood. Later I studied at University and I now live in the southern part of the city. The best thing about Argentina is the tango dance and the food – especially the typical argentinian beef. People visiting should check out the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, the Iguazu falls and Calafate, a city set on the glacial blue Lago Argentina. If I could choose to go anywhere in the world, 100 times it would Argentina! Travellers should remember to pack mosquito repellent during the summer, solar protection, a hat and finally the wish to have an excellent stay.’

Anahi Millicay

Anahi started working in a travel agency in 1992, although she didn’t finish studying to be a tour guide until 1994. She worked in travel agencies in Mendoza, Rosario and Iguazu before deciding to stay in the capital of Buenos Aires.

‘I have the pleasure not only of working but also of learning through the tourists about their culture and ways of life. I was born and raised in Quilmes in greater Buenos Aires. Although I still live there, I spend most of my time in Buenos Aires city. I remember from my childhood my mother taking us to ‘the great city’ to interest us in the country, showing us the architecture and telling us the history of Argentina. I think that is the reason why I fell in love with Buenos Aires and Argentina.

The best thing about Argentina is definitely the people. You can go from south to north and you’ll always find friendship. The passion that people have about the country is something that I have never seen in other places. From making friends with a person that you’ll never see again to hugging a football fan the moment your team has scored – the passionate way that we live is something that will make you fall in love with the country. Argentina is a country where you have everything in one place. You have beaches and mountains and you have peace and sometimes chaos, but all of that makes this country so unique.

I would also recommend the Asado as a typical dish of Argentina. In the best atmosphere try to eat it among friends late in the evening, gathering around the grill – ‘parilla’ in Spanish. During the cooking it is a ritual to talk about politics, football and do some gossiping while we drink some beer or red wine. When you visit you should firstly bring a camera and secondly a small souvenir from your country. You will see that you’ll always find more than one friend in Argentina and those friends would like to have something from you and they will also give you something to take as a present so you’ll never forget them. Beware though, as many have come and have never left, so start learning some Spanish!’

Argentina Buenos Aires relax in the park
Argentina people in a restaurant

Gisela Reynoso

Meet Gisela Reynoso, who’s been working as a tour guide in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 20 years. She grew up in a small town called Ingeniero Maschwitz but was born in the capital Buenos Aires and has lived there since she was 11 years old. Here are her thoughts on working and living in Argentina..

‘I love and enjoy my work! In my free time I enjoy orienteering, an adventure sport and visiting the natural places that are near to Buenos Aires, or if I’m on holiday, visiting the rest of the country. I think that the best thing about Argentina is the diversity of culture that we have had in the last century. I love my country! In South America, especially Argentina, the landscapes are very diverse and unique. We have everything; mountains, sea, rivers, islands, glaciers, beaches, ski centres, wine – everything to make a good trip! When visiting Argentina, people should bring with them comfortable clothing, a hat, sunscreen, a jacket if they are visiting the south, a desire to travel long roads and of course a camera to treasure the landscapes they visit. A way of cooking that represents our culture and is typically Argentinian is the Asado of course! This is an Argeninian technique of cooking cuts of meat on a grill. This also gives the chance to invite everyone to share some of the most important moments of an Argentinian’s family. I would like to visit places like Thailand, the Netherlands and the city of London but my heart is here in my country and I recommend it to all. Come to this beautiful country, we are waiting for you to welcome you with a big smile!’