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Family accommodation in Greece

General information

During your holiday you can stay in many different kinds of family accommodation in Greece to enhance your experience of this unique country and enjoy the island lifestyle. Family guesthouses, beachside hotels and apartments all await. We hand-picked a selection of accommodation across Greece, avoiding big international chains wherever we can. Read on for more information on the different categories we use. 

In Style Accommodation – Category 4

If you’re looking for accommodation with a bit more style or comfort, then our In Style options are the perfect fit. In this category, you can expect a little something extra like a pool overlooking the sea or countryside, or boutique city hotels. We have upgrades in many of our destinations, perfect for families, so just let your travel specialist know if you would prefer this level of accommodation during your trip to Greece.

Standard Accommodation – Category 3

Featuring the majority of our accommodation, the standard option will give you all the small-scale charm of Greece in great locations. From cosy family guesthouses to stylish seaside hotels. We try to use small-scale, locally owned places wherever we can to give you an authentic Greek experience and flavour of the areas you are visiting. Most of our Greece hotels have pools for a cooling dip.

Simple Accommodation – Category 2

This category includes our more simple accommodation options like our guesthouse in the Lassithi Plateau. You’ll get simple facilities and comfort plus a unique location. Dive in to experience something a bit different during your stay in Greece.