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About Rickshaw Ecuador

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We’re here to support you with your Ecuador & Galapagos adventure. From crafting the perfect itinerary all the way to offering advice on what to pack, we’re full to the brim with inspiration and advice just for you. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent level of service from the moment you hit our website until long after you return home from your Rickshaw adventure. And what’s more, while you’re away, you’ll have 24-hour support from our local partners in Ecuador & Galapagos. Meet our team below.

Travel Specialist Rob


“I was lucky enough to visit both Ecuador and the Galapagos as part of a bigger backpacking trip. I originally went to Ecuador as a jumping-off point to the Galapagos but I fell in this love with Quito’s colonial charm, the trekking opportunities in the highlands and the amazing people and their culture.”

“At first, I was a little nervous about heading to the Galapagos as I had built it up so high in my estimations and thought it might not deliver. I shouldn’t have worried, the wildlife encounters were like no other I have experienced, whether on land or underwater, the scenery is stunning. And the thing that ties it together is everyone’s desire to keep this unique set of islands as pristine and unharmed as possible. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”


An adventure in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands is a journey filled with natural wonders. Quito, the capital, surrounded by the Andes, captivates you with its historic charm. Exploring the Galapagos Islands is like stepping into a wildlife paradise, with unique animals like giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies.  The Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador adds an extra layer of adventure, with the dense greenery and diverse wildlife. Ecuador’s mix of cultural richness and breath-taking landscapes, combined with the extraordinary biodiversity of the Galapagos, makes for an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience.

Ceri Travel specialist