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Cuba honeymoons

Cuba two people in classic car

From white powdery beaches to the sultry samba beats of Havana, old-fashioned romance flows through the veins of Cuba. Step away from the usual sun, sea and sand, and mix things up to discover Cuban culture and revolutionary history at every turn.

This truly unique country offers so many different experiences, from crumbling colonial cities and laid-back towns to untamed nature and world-class beaches – everything you need to build your ideal Cuban honeymoon. Here are a few of the highlights we’d recommend…

Our top Cuba honeymoon spots


You’ll be swept up in the sheer romance of Havana. With shabby chic cobblestone streets, characterful casas and shady plazas, it’ll have you at “hola”. The old town is everything you’ve seen in the pictures and more. Visit El Floridita and sip on classic Cuban cocktails as you watch the locals roll by on their 1950s Cadillacs.

Cuba yellow building local musician with guitar
Cuba Vinales accommodation hotel exterior


Head out west to the stunning countryside of Vinales, where you’ll both ride horseback through the beautiful red earth of the tobacco fields. Experience true peace and tranquillity as you hire a bike and cycle to see the fascinating limestone rock formations, before settling down on your porch to watch the world slowly pass by.

Cayo Santa Maria

Every honeymoon deserves a little luxury and what better place to enjoy this than on Cayo Santa Maria, an island off the northern coast? The resorts here may not be ‘authentic Cuba’, but why not treat yourself to a few days of pampering? Kick off your flip flops, grab a mojito and see the palms sway as you grab your snorkelling gear and head to the beach.

Cuba Cayos Santa Maria beach and trees
Cuba Trinidad street town


Loosen your hips and hit the dance floor as you salsa the night away together in Trinidad. This colonial treasure is one of Cuba’s most atmospheric and vibrant towns, where you can learn about Cuban culture first-hand. The cobbled main square plays host to bands every evening, and there’s even a nightclub in a nearby cave if you get a little carried away…

Las Terrazas

Cuba’s pioneering eco-reserve is a place where the environment and the people live in total harmony. Stay in a unique hotel built around a giant tree, take a swim in the lake and soak up the lush green surroundings.

Cuba Las Terrazas Jungle Walk Hike View
Cuba Cayo Levisa Sunset

Cayo Levisa

Catch the ferry over to this tiny Caribbean island – home to just one simple hotel where you’ll feel cut off from the rest of the world. It may not be the high-end of luxury you get from the big resorts, but it has everything you need for an idyllic castaway break.

Plan your dream honeymoon

Cuba Trinidad local donkey riding

Complete Cuba

  • Havana - Las Terrazas - Cayo Levisa - Viñales - Cienfuegos - Trinidad - Santa Clara - Camaguey - Santiago - Baracoa - Playa Pesquero - Havana
  • 22 days / 21 nights (flexible)
  • from £ 2,495.- per person (excluding flights)
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Local man and tourist rolling cigars in Vinales, Cuba

Revolutionary Road Trip

  • Havana - Santa Clara - Trinidad - Playa Larga - Vinales - Cayo Levisa - Havana
  • 15 days / 14 nights (flexible)
  • from £ 1,448.- per person (excluding flights)
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Cuba Vinales cigar rolling

Mi Casa, Tu Casa

  • Havana - Las Terrazas - Viñales - Cienfuegos - Trinidad - Varadero
  • 15 days / 14 nights (flexible)
  • from £ 1,145.- per person (excluding flights)
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Cuba Trinidad street vendors

Cuba Highlights and Hammocks

  • Havana - Las Terrazas - Viñales - Cienfuegos - Trinidad - Santa Clara - Cayo Santa Maria - Havana
  • 15 days / 14 nights (flexible)
  • from £ 1,385.- per person (excluding flights)
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Cuba blue classic car

Classic Cars and Cigars

  • Havana - Viñales - Las Terrazas - Cienfuegos - Trinidad - Havana
  • 12 days / 11 nights (flexible)
  • from £ 1,098.- per person (excluding flights)
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