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Get stranded in paradise

Cayo Levisa is the real Robinson Crusoe deal. With just a handful of rustic wooden cabañas scattered across a perfect white beach, it’s all about the simple bare necessities, so lie back and let the sunshine do the rest. Alternatively, head for Cayo Las Brujas, a beautiful stretch of beach wrapped in local legend. It’s not luxury, but it’s the perfect barefoot escape.

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Opt for untamed beauty

Baracoa is Cuba’s most remote region, cut off from the rest of the island until 1964, when the highway was completed. In Baracoa, mystery lingers in the air and the landscape is untouched by tourism. The beaches are wind-swept, wild and fit to burst with romance. Beautifully abandoned, you’ll feel as though you have the Caribbean to yourself: it’s the perfect place for an authentic Cuba beach holiday.

Snorkel through coral canyons

Beneath the calm, clear waters off Cuba’s coastline, there’s a whole different world to explore. With pristine coral reefs, a handful of sunken Spanish galleons and a rainbow of exotic marine life, it’s a snorkelling and diving dream come true. Maria la Gorda and Santa Lucia draw eager divers year after year, and you’ll be able to book boat trips to diving hotspots from every beach in Cuba.

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Cuba’s Coral Beaches

Duration:4 days / 3 nights
Location:Santa Lucia
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Castaway Caribbean Beaches

Duration:4 days / 3 nights
Location:Playa Pesquero
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Cuba Highlights and Hammocks

Duration:15 days / 14 nights
Itinerary:Havana - Las Terrazas - Viñales - Cienfuegos - Trinidad - Santa Clara - Cayo Santa Maria - Havana
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Revolutionary Road Trip

Duration:15 days / 14 nights
Itinerary:Havana - Santa Clara - Trinidad - Playa Larga - Vinales - Cayo Levisa - Havana
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The climate in Cuba makes it a very pleasant holiday destination at almost any time in the year and a favourite for the Rickshaw team!
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