Rob on the Cerro Chirripo trek


I first travelled to Costa Rica eight years ago on a 16-month trip through South and Central America. I was lucky enough to meet up with my mum and step-dad when they were on holiday and I think this encapsulates what Costa Rica is all about. It truly has something for everyone, whether it’s hiking to its highest peak, Cerro Chirripo or relaxing on one the laid-back beaches, bird-watching in the rainforest or screaming through the canopy on a zip wire- it has it all!

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I used to work as a Tour Leader in Central America regularly passing through Costa Rica, it’s my favourite country in terms of flora and fauna. Despite its tiny size there is so much biodiversity and I have been lucky enough to see toucans, many different types of monkeys, red eyed tree frogs and the resplendent quetzal to name a few. I also fell in love with the curiously cute three toed sloth with its permanent smile!

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Latin America has always been on my bucket list, and being an animal lover Costa Rica was the perfect destination! I spent two weeks travelling through Costa Rica and a week in Panama exploring all the major highlights and points of cultural interest. I made sure I visited in the low rainy season to get a better chance of seeing the massive Green Back sea turtles that nest on the beaches of Tortuguero every year and I was really lucky to see two nests being made. A truly magical and humbling experience!

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Discover the best time to visit Costa Rica
With a tropical and yet varying climate it's good to swat up on when is the best time to visit Costa Rica before booking your travels
Best time to visit Costa Rica

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