Rob on the Cerro Chirripo trek


I have travelled in Costa Rica under a number of different circumstances: as a lowly backpacker; with my mum and step-dad as part of a bigger family trip; road-tripping with friends exploring the lesser visited corners of the country. I think this encapsulates why our customers love this wonderful country as it truly has something for everyone. Whether it’s hiking to its highest peak, Cerro Chirripo, or relaxing on one of the laid-back beaches, bird-watching in the rainforest or screaming through the canopy on a zip wire – it has it all!

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I used to work as a Tour Leader in Central America, regularly passing through Costa Rica. It’s my favourite country in terms of flora and fauna, with so much biodiversity. I have been lucky enough to see toucans, many different types of monkey, red-eyed tree frogs and the resplendent quetzal. I also fell in love with the curiously cute three toed sloth with its permanent smile! There are so many beaches and national parks it’s difficult to choose where to go but is perfect for nature lovers.

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Costa Rica is a fantastic country for all ages! Getting to see sloths was high up on my wish list and it didn’t disappoint. The accommodation we offer is so unique: gorgeous lodges within the flora and fauna, treehouses overlooking wildlife, and stunning beach hotels. I would recommend Costa Rica if travelling with the kids, they will never be bored and you will all create some special memories.

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With a tropical and yet varying climate it's good to swat up on when is the best time to visit Costa Rica before booking your travels
Best time to visit Costa Rica

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