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Top 10 best & worst Toilets


Anyone who has travelled a bit will tell you that finding a decent toilet (let alone a clean one) can be a bit of a lottery. Toilet facilities can vary quite a bit from destination to destination, and despite attempting to hold out in the hope of finding a gleaming porcelain throne, let’s face it, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. In my experience, I’ve found that when toilets are good, they’re really good and when they’re bad they’re just… bad. Here are a few of the best and worst culprits, please note- those with a weak disposition or a tendency towards queasiness, perhaps it’s best to look away now..
Decorative torn edge

Top 5 Best Toilets

1. Singapore
The cleanest toilet you could ever hope to visit, with an alpine fresh smell.

2. Shibuya District, Tokyo, Japan
Who wouldn’t love a self-cleaning toilet that washes your bum and sings to you!?

3. Xian, China
Top floor of a club, every cubical had its own disco ball and flashing lights round every mirror.

4. Lao Tingri, Tibet
For the view alone, looking out onto the Himalayas – spectacular

5. Lovoni Village, Levuka Island, Fiji
Covered from floor to ceiling with newspaper clippings, you could spend a long time in here.

Toilet in forest
Toilet China

Top 5 Worst Toilets

1. Siem Reap, Cambodia
In a small hostel not far from the temples, this squat toilet smelt worse by the day. By the end of our stay we were convinced something must have died in it.

2. Everest Base Camp, Nepal
Not so much a toilet as a square hole in the ground with a long sheer drop. Best not to go at night: no lights and you really could feel that freezing Everest air chilling you to the bone.

3. At the Laos/Vietnam border crossing
Only one toilet for ladies; not a squat toilet, but the seat and floor was covered with human filth. Hovering over the seat with a 70 litre backpack and all my other possessions in hand was hard work.

4. Fraser Island, Australia
Night time. No toilet where we were camping. Instead we had to wander into the darkness, shovel in hand.

5. On the road in Rajasthan, India
Desperate for the toilet, we stopped off at a random village on the way to Ranthambore. Wish we hadn’t, the toilet was just a bucket and a sponge (both already used). I decided to wait.