I’ve always been captivated by the mystery of Myanmar – its alluring beauty, dramatic history, and ancient cultures combine to create the ideal destination for those looking for a path less travelled. As the country begins to open up its doors, travelling to Myanmar now represents a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the continuous development of independence. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness the stupas of Bagan first hand, drift through the floating villages of Lake Inle, and met some of the friendliest faces I’ve ever encountered

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Myanmar has engulfed my heart and captured my imagination ever since I discovered its rich history, ancient temples and incredible landscapes. As a photographer, the picturesque nature of Myanmar did not let me put down my camera once. What fascinated me most is the peaceful and spiritual way of life, the humility of the local people and their warm hospitality. I loved the authentic exchange and interaction with the locals – turns out we were as intriguing to them as they were to us. In two weeks, Myanmar calmed my mind, filled me with inspiration and gratitude and left me with the urge to go back. In the meantime, I am reminded of its beauty by wonderful photos covering my living room wall.

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My friend and I spent a wonderful Christmas on Inle Lake a few years ago, tucking into an alternative tasty lunch. We entered Myanmar from Thailand over a little-known land border and really felt like the first pioneers as not many people go there. We travelled all over, with our highlight being the same as most of our customers – cycling around the temples of Bagan and witnessing incredible sunrises with a sky full of colourful hot air balloons.

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When to visit Myanmar
As with most of South East Asia, Myanmar can be visited year-round but there are spikes according to season and region, so here is a handy guide for you.
When to go to Myanmar


From boutique hotels along the river to a village lodge in the hills, our Myanmar accommodation has something for everyone.
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