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Lesser known than some of its South East Asian neighbours Vietnam and Cambodia, Laos is a little gem just waiting to be explored. The locals in Laos are as friendly as they come.. and the tasty food will certainly fill you up along the way! I like the fact that you can be exploring the beautiful architecture one day and then roaming through the jungle the next.

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Paul S

Sleepy Laos is quintessential Asia, far less developed than its neighbours and therefore retaining an authenticity that is hard to be replicated anywhere else across Indochina. If your idea of a dream holiday is escaping the crowds and immersing yourself in local life, whilst taking in breathtaking natural beauty, then Laos is for you!

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People trekking through rice paddies in Laos


Explore Laos on foot
Trek to hidden waterfalls in the rainforest, hike to secluded hilltribes and stay at home with the locals as you explore the green heart of Laos on foot.
Trekking in Laos

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