In 2008, I visited Bali where I spent two months travelling to the southern peninsula and then up to the picturesque town of Ubud. I also spent a week on the Gili Islands, snorkelling and lazying around on the beach. I was taken away by the beautiful landscape, the exciting food and the completely different way of life. Indonesia has so many beautiful spots to offer, and I can’t wait to discover more. Next, I’d like to visit Sumatra to relax on its untouched beaches and explore the dense jungle.

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As a kid, I was always excited about wildlife and volcanoes and hence Indonesia had always been one of my “must visit” destinations – a faraway land, a perfect combination of the two things that I had so much interest in.
Add beautiful beaches of Bali on top of that, and it pretty much looks like my personal heaven! It fascinates me how the landscape changes as you go through the islands, when deserted rocky lands become dense jungle full of wildlife. I guess the most difficult decision to make is which island to start exploring first!

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View of a person's feet lying in a hammock on the sandy beach in Indonesia


Best time to visit Indonesia
Wild rainforests, tropical beaches and misty volcanoes - if you’re planning an Indonesian holiday it’s important to know the best time to visit.
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Travelling in Indonesia | Top 5 Bali Destinations

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