We work with our local partner in Indonesia to make sure there’s a friendly face to meet and greet you at the airport and help you to fully explore Indonesia. Our knowledgeable partners are available 24/7 to answer and assist with any questions or queries you may have and guide you properly through all the corners of Indonesia.

Find out more about our local partners.

Who are they?

Our local partners have been providing personalised destination management services throughout Indonesia since 2003. It’s their mission to provide exceptional travel experiences to their clients. They also strive to maximise the positive impact of tourism for the local communities and the environment.

They pride themselves on their in-depth local knowledge on Indonesia, while maintaining their sustainability and enhancing the livelihoods of the local community through extensive collaboration.

Our Indonesia partner strives to create momentum and make tourism more sustainable while delivering quality travel experiences for our valued customers. They have their own care programme which aims to maximise the positive contributions of tourism for local communities and the natural environment. They understand that there are potentially negative environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts connected with tourism if operations are not managed properly. In November 2016 our local partner became the first Indonesian operator of its kind to attain Travelife ‘Certified’ Sustainable Tourism Certification.

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“From the moment I first stepped off the plane, I was swept away by Indonesia’s charm and beauty- so much so, that I’ve since lost count of how many times I’ve been! It’s got beaches, cultural wonders, wildlife & warm weather. What’s not to love?”

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