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Nepal is one of the very few destinations that remain untouched by mass tourism. You won’t find endless rows of chain hotels lined up on every street, international fast food chains and typical tourist entertainment there. Instead you will get to see the real country and its priceless heritage and traditions. Nepal is often mistaken for a solely trekking destination, and while trekking of course remains one of the highlights of the country, its rich culture and beautiful wildlife will most definitely enchant travellers who are after a more relaxing pastime.

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Nepal is a wonderful country on top of the world. I loved my time in this magical place, the people are so friendly and welcoming throughout you will not be disappointed. It has it all, mountains peaks, stunning landscapes and best of all the famous momo dumplings!

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Trekking in Nepal
Trek between villages, gaze at snowy peaks and feel totally tiny. Nepal is a natural playground for hikers, with beautiful trails criss-crossing the mountains.
Trekking in Nepal

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There’s more to Nepal than trekking

13th January 2014 by Friends of Rickshaw

Nepal is known for attracting the adventurous type but it's possible to still have a fantastic Nepal trip that doesn't involve reaching extreme altitudes.

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