India is everything you can wish for if you go with an open mind and heart. I am almost certain you’d want to go back to see more of it! The culture, the history, the festivals and the locals make this destination unforgettable – there is so much colour everywhere, it feels unreal. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone, you’ll be rewarded with the best memories. Some of my favourite experiences were visiting local communities in rural Rajasthan, cycling around Jaipur at sunrise, and spending the night in a simple tent in the desert near Jaisalmer (I’ve never seen so many stars in the sky!). If I start talking about food it can drag on forever. India is a street food heaven. Just go!

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David having tea with locals


The greatest place on earth for me is India. It all started from a young age with my first curry, I just had to go, a one-way ticket later: I arrived. After travelling roof class on top of a bus, being invited to a Hindu wedding and meeting a guru who knew everything about me, I was hooked. I was lucky enough to spend two and a half months in this incredible country, going from one magical place to the next. On my travels I will always remember all the kind locals that looked out for me and offered me their tasty food. They are so helpful and the most fun people in the world. You can’t beat having a cup of chai with the local lads and you learn the poorest people are the most giving.  To me, India has it all and if you like a curry you have cracked it!

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India is the most intoxicating country I have travelled in. In fact, I was meant to be there for 2 months but ended up staying for 8! Once it is under your skin it’s hard to pull yourself away. Our customers certainly agree, so many of them end up coming back for second or third trips so they have the opportunity experience more of its fascinating attractions. I’m not sure if it’s the history, welcoming people, the diversity in cultures, or the food but it is never hard to find a  reason to go back!

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India is a country with many climates, meaning some places are best visited at certain times of year. We've put together our tips to help you plan when to go.
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