India is one of those countries that doesn’t leave you indifferent – you will most certainly have a very strong opinion about it. Despite the various peculiarities of the country that travellers might not be used to, India leaves you with this fantastic taste of adventure. When I visited Rajasthan and Kerala, it was like a trip through two completely separate different countries with different landscape, cuisine, traditions and history. And there is so much more to see – I can go on and on about India’s diversity. But go, just once, and I bet you will be longing to go back again.

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My first taste of India was in Delhi, where I was greeted by a colour and smell overload, beeping horns and a gaggle of locals. The city is intense and chaotic, but a great place to explore and immerse yourself in the culture. My time in India was a whistle stop tour but there’s plenty to do. Kerala is my favourite place, I travelled the backwaters by converted rice barge passing local villages and sampling the beautiful homemade food. I then travelled by train to Goa taking in some magnificent beaches along the way.

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India is a country with many climates, meaning some places are best visited at certain times of year. We've put together our tips to help you plan when to go.
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