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Morocco was always on my bucket list and when I finally went I wasn’t disappointed. I could spend all day walking through the narrow alleyways of the old Medinas and I love the incredible food, from lamb tagines to vegetarian couscous. For me, self-driving is the only way to go as it really lets you explore the country at your own pace. It’s a great place to drive (even if it’s on the wrong side of the road), sing along to some tunes and create some unforgettable memories!

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Emma K

Morocco is a country that I’ve always found fascinating. From the hustle and bustle of the souks to the vast desert! I’m looking forward to doing my first Morocco trip; I’ve know the country inside out from my colleagues and it already feels like my second home! I’m looking forward to exploring the souks in Marrakesh, trying a Moroccan tagine, driving over the beautiful Atlas Mountains and sleeping out in the desert under the stars.

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Trekking in Morocco
Hike through blossom-filled foothills and scale Mount Toubkal as you trek your way across Morocco. Stay with the Berbers and perch on sand dunes at sunrise.
Trekking in Morocco

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Making Tracks to Spice-filled Souks | Self-drive in Morocco

17th November 2014 by Fiona

Our Fiona took a road trip through Morocco and we asked her to share some tips and stories from her adventure driving everything from cars to camels!

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