Your most frequently asked Thailand travel questions

Some of the things you wanted to ask about going to Thailand, and some of the things you hadn’t thought of asking too. We’ve put together a list of some of the questions our Thailand Travel Specialists get asked by our customers to help you.

Should I take a rucksack or a suitcase?

There is no hard and fast rule, it really comes down to your preference.  Some people find it easier to bring a suitcase on wheels, some prefer a rucksack. Remember your in charge of your luggage so bring what’s easiest for you to carry on and off the planes/trains and transfers.

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What shoes do I need wear for my trek

A closed comfortable shoe such as a trainer with a good grip or walking boots. Flip flops and sandals are not really recommended for the terrain you are covering as your feet will require covered protection.

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How much currency do I need to bring for my trip

We suggest you bring a small amount (£200) of Thai Baht to cover you on arrival. Thereafter the easiest form of withdrawing money is by ATM.  These are all over Thailand in cities, beaches and islands, they will not be available in the more remote areas such as in the countryside, hill tribe villages and jungles. ATM’s offer convenience, good exchange rate and minimal charges, just check with your bank that you can access your card abroad.

Do I need to bring a mosquito net or towel

All accommodation will provide mosquito nets where needed.  If you are trekking to a hilltop village in Thailand you will be able to hire one locally.  Towels are provided at each hotel, although some of the more simpler beach bungalows you may want to bring your own big beach towel or buy a sarong locally to lie on.

How do I arrange my own transfers?

We can arrange all your main transfers before you go, however some of the smaller ones you will need to arrange yourself such as getting to and from a train station.  These are easy and cheaper to arrange locally. You can ask your hotel to arrange a taxi or flag a tuk tuk or taxi on the street. Always agree a price with your driver before or ensure they use their meter.

Do I need tickets for my domestic flights within Thailand?

You will receive a welcome pack on arrival at your first hotel in Thailand, this will have your domestic flight information along with any other vouchers, train tickets and pick up times.  Please note your domestic flights are ticketless so you will just require your booking reference and passport to check in.

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