Getting Around Laos

With no trains, the best way to get around Laos is either by bus or domestic flight. To ensure that you get the most out of your holiday, our Travel Specialists will include the most suitable transport for your itinerary and time-frame and arrange your tickets in advance.

We’ve put together a guide with all the information you’ll need about transport in Laos.

Valley and river in laos

Domestic Flights

As the roads in Laos aren’t as developed as other areas of South East Asia, it can take a long time to cover relatively small distances. So to make the most of your time, it might be necessary to include one or more internal flights.

Flight changes are an unfortunate occurrence, and do happen from time to time. However, we’ll keep you up to date before you leave, and once there, our local agents will do their best to solve any problems you might have.

Public bus in Laos

Public and VIP Buses

There are no trains in Laos, so when flights aren’t possible, public buses are the only option. Travelling by bus is not only the most inexpensive way to get around, but it’s a great way to immerse with the locals! We’ll arrange your transfer to the station and buy your tickets for you, so you don’t have to arrange things on the spot. A short stop is usually made on long journeys, so you can buy lunch and stretch your legs. The VIP bus is normally used for the journeys to and from Vang Vieng and as with the public bus, we’ll arrange everything for you.

Woman smiling in a tuk tuk in Laos

Local Transport

We encourage people to travel as much as possible by local transport, as we feel it makes for a more authentic experience. The reception staff at your accommodation can provide maps of the transport networks and give you advice on the best way for you to travel around. The most sustainable way to explore is, of course, on foot where you can soak up the unique local atmosphere. For shorter transfers that aren’t already included, such as from your hotel to the airport, a Tuk-Tuk or taxi is your best bet and can be arranged locally through your hotel.

woman riding a bike in laos

Travelling with Meaning

In Laos the most economical way to travel is by bus, not only is it cheap and cheerful, but public transfers are a great way to pump money back into the community, and cut down on fuel emissions. Cycle rickshaws are very environmentally friendly and you will also be supporting the local community. Hiring bicycles in the smaller cities is the best way to get around, you can visit anywhere that you please, and you never know what you’ll discover.

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