Your most frequently asked Laos travel questions

So, you’re planning a trip to Laos, you’ve got a list of sights on your ‘must see’ list, but still have some unanswered questions. To help, we’ve put together a list of our most commonly asked questions and asked our Laos Travel Specialists to give you their advice.

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How much luggage can I bring?

Even though your international flight will likely allow more, we recommend bringing no more than 20kg as this is the limit for internal flights to, from and within Laos. As you can’t fly directly into Laos from the UK and will need to travel via a neighbouring country (generally Thailand or Vietnam), you will need to keep to the strictest allowance. We also recommend packing light so you have enough space to bring home all the lovely souvenirs you will want to buy!

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Do I need to organise a Visa before I travel?

The current advice is that UK citizens can obtain a visa on arrival with two passport sized photos for around $35 US dollars per person, however this advice does change regularly, particularly with regards to the border crossings between Cambodia and Laos. We would highly recommend applying for a visa in advance. There is no Laos Embassy in the UK, but you can use the Embassy in Paris or the Vietnam Embassy.
If you would prefer to have a professional visa service do the work for you, we have teamed up with the Visa Machine who can help you.

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What about Vaccinations and Malaria tablets?

As we aren’t medically trained we can’t advise you what vaccinations you might need, however your GP will be able to. Laos is a high risk area for Malaria, so you can speak to your doctor about various tablets available. As well, have a read of the NHS website Fit For Travel, which provides up to the minute information!

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What is the best currency to take with me?

The local currency in Laos is the Lao Kip. You will pay for most things in the local currency but it’s easy to change US Dollars or Thai Baht when you are in country. We recommend converting what you need for when you are in country as it can be a little tricky to convert it back after you leave.

How much currency will I need?
Well that really depends on your spending habits, but usually we recommend between £10-20 per day to cover food, souvenirs, and massages!

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What clothes shall I bring with me for when I go trekking?

This isn’t a complete list but certainly a suggestion of key (tried and tested) items to pack for when you go trekking! Firstly, pack as light as you can, remember what you pack you have to carry on your back. So a good quality back pack is essential, breathable clothing, layers, long trousers, sturdy walking shoes, a hat, sun cream, bug spray, ear plugs, flip flops, a light rain coat and a swim suit for when you stumble across lovely waterfalls and streams you will want to have a dip in!

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