Discover the best time to visit Indochina

The good news about travelling to Indochina is that the weather is never really an issue for most parts of the year. There are regions in each country which you can head to for those long sunny beach days but also other areas to escape the heat and enjoy the cooler climate.

Have a look at our recommended times of the year to visit each country. Remember this is a just guide, we can of course plan your Indochina holiday whatever the weather!

Landscape view of a Vietnamese village and its river


Due to Vietnam’s geography, climate conditions vary considerably, with temperatures ranging between 20-35°C depending on the region (North – Central – South). If you want to visit Vietnam as part of your Indochina holiday, we’d recommend going between November and May – perfect to escape the winter blues!

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A couple posing in front of a Cambodian temple


Luckily you can also visit Cambodia any time of year – which makes it ideal to be combined with Vietnam. In our opinion, the best time to go to Cambodia would be the dry season, which runs from October-May. Although the rainy season runs from the end of May through to October, it’s still a great time to go, as the scenery is green and temperatures are a bit cooler.

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Turquoise waterfalls in Laos


The Laos climate is warm and wet. If you travel during the dry season (November to March) you’ll probably notice more tourists, as it’s the most popular time to go. Wet season (May to October) isn’t as rainy as you might think – you’ll normally experience torrential rainfall for an hour or two followed by sunshine.

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Birdseye view of an island in Thailand


Thailand is a great place to travel at any time of year, but it does have some specific climate zones. Generally speaking, the driest months are December to May, ideal for all types of activities in both North and South.

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Myanmar (Burma)

You can visit Myanmar any time of year. Broadly speaking, the best time to visit is during the dry season from October to April, as the weather will be good for all types of activities. Travelling during November to January is considered high season, and although regarded as the perfect time to visit, it’s also very busy. If you are looking to explore Myanmar off the beaten track, we’d recommend visiting during Green Season.

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Boats sailing on Bai Tu Long Bay

Sapphire Seas and Towering Temples – Vietnam and Cambodia

Duration15 days / 14 nights (flexible)

LocationHanoi - Bai Tu Long Bay - Hoi An - Ho Chi Minh City - Mekong Delta - Phnom Penh - Siem Reap & Angkor Wat (also available in reverse!)

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bangkok thailand temples

Indochina Loop – Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia

Duration27 Days / 26 Nights (flexible)

LocationBangkok - Chiang Mai - Luang Prabang - Vientiane - Hanoi - Bai Tu long Bay - Hoi An - HCMC - Mekong Delta - Phnom Penh - Tuol Sleng - Killing Fields - Angkor Wat - Siem Reap

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