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Arrival in Puno

Day 1

Arrival in Puno

Arriving in Puno, you’ll be instantly hit by its lively atmosphere, with a jumble of festivals, markets, restaurants and bars to explore. It may not be Peru’s most beautiful town, but it’s a pleasant and welcoming place to spend a couple of nights. You’ll stay in a small hotel in a peaceful district just a few blocks away from Plaza de Armas, the jumping heart of Puno, with bright traditional décor.

hiking on Taquile Island

Day 2

Lake Titicaca

This morning you’ll join a tour of the lake by boat. Titicaca was once thought to be the location of Atlantis, and the Incas believed it to be the birthplace of the sun. As you zip across the deep blue water, you’ll understand why such stories were told. Your first stop will be Taquile, home to around 2,000 islanders. Hotels are forbidden here, so the character and traditions have largely remained intact. You’ll walk with your guide to learn more about life on this beautiful little island.

Underground ovens at Lake Titicaca


Next, you’ll head to the Capachica peninsula, home to the Santa Maria people who’ll be your chefs today. Lunch is prepared in the traditional way using underground ovens heated by hot stones, and you’ll have the chance to help out with the preparation before enjoying a tasty meal.

Finally, you’ll set sail for the floating reed islands of Uros. Due to declining fish populations, these communities have become more reliant on tourism and will be selling hand-crafted souvenirs. Perhaps the floating islands have lost some of their authentic feel, but it remains a fascinating look into this centuries-old way of life and a vital means for these people to support their community.

You’ll travel back to Puno in the late afternoon.

A street in Puno

Day 3

Departure from Puno

After a second evening enjoying Puno, after breakfast on day 3 you’ll continue your journey through Peru.

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