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Panama is so much more than just a huge canal; we believe in offering real experiences in Panama where you can interact with the local people and do more than just scratch the surface. Our accommodation, our staff and our bite-sized trips are all about getting closer to Panama and its local communities.

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Our trips

We make good things happen through travel, offering experiences throughout all of our trips that will stay with you long after you return. While travelling in Panama, you can Relax the Kuna Way with a visit to the San Blas Islands and stay in a beach bungalow owned and run by the indigenous Kuna people. Not only will you learn more about this unique community but you’ll also be helping to support their way of life and preserve their culture.

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Our accommodation

Throughout our bite-sized trips in Panama we offer unique, small-scale accommodation full of local charm. In our opinion, this is the best way to see the country; you’ll lay your head each night in accommodation that perfectly reflects your local surroundings. Whether it’s a colonial-style hotel or an eco-lodge in the jungle, it’s sure to be distinctly Panamanian.

Accommodation in Panama
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Our Panama Travel Specialists

Our Panama Travel Specialists know and love Panama. They’ve felt the sand between their toes, practiced their Spanish with the local people and taken a good look at that infamous canal. You can read more about their top tips and personal experiences about travelling in Panama, helping you get the most out of your trip.

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Our Local Partners in Panama

In Panama we work with a local partner who cares just as much about the country, it’s people and local culture as we do. Our Product Manager is in regular contact with this partner and they’re both always on the lookout for unique, enriching experiences. Working with this partner means we’re able to offer Panamanian guides and drivers with in-depth knowledge of their country. Looking for a specific shop or want to know the best restaurant in town? Chances are they’ll know the answer.

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