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Our meaningful travel policy

Our Make it Meaningful policy is all about making the world a more meaningful place for everybody. Whether it’s a local guide in Cambodia, our Accounts Assistant here in our sunny Brighton office, or one of our ramblers heading out on their first adventure, we aim to make everyone’s lives that little bit more meaningful.

Building Trust

We are big advocates of open and honest communication. Our sales team don’t work on personal commission – they’re far more interested in putting together a meaningful travel itinerary that benefits the traveller and the destination. This means they’re rather fab at giving balanced opinions and love a good chinwag about the different sustainable options in each country. Our whole team works super hard to ensure that all our product information is clear, accurate and up to date. If you spot anything that you don’t think is right, we encourage you to let us know!

Being Brave

Our travel experiences are designed to give people the support they need to step outside their comfort zones and try something new. We want to encourage people to holiday in a more meaningful way that’s better for them, better for local communities and better for the environment. We therefore always favour locally owned, small-scale accommodation that truly reflects the character of wherever you are in the world. This might mean forgoing the odd swimming pool, or even hot shower, but it’s worth it to support the income of local people.

Keeping it Real

We’re really proud to offer as much authentic accommodation and experiences as possible put together by people who care about their destinations and the people within them. But we’re realistic about our journey too. After all, making the world a more meaningful isn’t going to happen overnight, so we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and policies and we’re not afraid to say that we’re not perfect at everything – but we will constantly strive to be!

Feeling Valued

We believe that happy staff lead to a happy working environment. Most people spend much of their lives at work right? So shouldn’t we try and make work as meaningful as possible too? With this in mind we offer a wide variety of awesome perks to our team. This includes ethically sourced daily vegetarian lunches, a ride to work scheme, plenty of team shindigs, a plethora of training opportunities (the sustainable ones are our favourite) and one paid charity day per employee. Oh yeah, and beer. Lots of it.

Making an impact

The environment isn’t exactly in great shape at the moment, so we aim to do everything we can to reduce our impact on it. We do some pretty hardcore recycling, with 0% of our waste going to landfill, and we always favour eco-friendly products around the office wherever possible. As we work with partners across the globe, we regularly use tele-conferencing to reduce our carbon emissions. Oh and we also support local projects in all of our destinations and have an  Animal Welfare Policy too, where you can find more detail about how we’re trying to make life better for animals.

Doing it Together

We work with local partners in each of our destinations who share our values. All of us adhere to local and international legislation relating to employment, equality and pay, but we also strive to go above and beyond the minimum requirement. We support and encourage our local partners in achieving their meaningful goals in whatever way we can, whether it’s helping them achieve an accreditation or just offering some friendly advice.