Responsible travel in Borneo

While travelling in Borneo with us, you’ll get the chance to experience genuine and respectful interactions with local people and wildlife too. Our Borneo holidays are designed to give something positive back, through the trips we offer, the accommodation we use and the local projects we support. Read on to find out what responsible travel in Borneo looks like.

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Our trips

Our customers love experiencing the real Borneo, while having the opportunity to support local communities and wildlife along the way. We try to ensure that our trips include rewarding experiences that make good things happen for you and the places you visit.

Whether it’s learning about the traditions of the Iban tribe in Batang Ai National Park, spend the night in a rustic jungle lodge or visiting an orangutan rehabilitation centre in the heart of the rainforest.

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Jungle lodges in Borneo

Our accommodation

Wherever possible, we opt for small-scale, locally run accommodation in Borneo to make your trip even more unique and full of local flavour. Whether it’s a boutique city hotel or a remote jungle lodge, we want to support local people and their communities during our trips.

Accommodation in Borneo

Our local partner in Borneo

We work closely with our trusted local partner in Borneo. They share our passion for responsible travel and are in continuous contact with our Borneo Product Manager to explore new and enriching experiences that benefit communities, individuals and wildlife. We also use local guides and drivers, so you benefit from their unparalleled knowledge and expertise, while the communities benefit from tourism too – it’s a win-win!

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Our Borneo travel specialists

Our travel specialists love Borneo and they want to share their passion and knowledge with anyone who’ll listen! Because they’ve experienced many of our Borneo trips first-hand, they can share genuine advice, inspiration and local recommendations with you, while also answering any niggling questions you might have.

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Responsible travel

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Responsible travel

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