Nepal Wildlife

Track one-horned rhinos on a jeep safari, canoe along rivers at sunrise and sleep in jungle towers. While Nepal is famous throughout the world for its snowy peaks and mountain trek, it has some animal magic up its sleeve. Chitwan National Park, in the subtropical lowlands, is a natural playground just bursting with wildlife and begging to be explored. Get your binoculars at the ready and set off into the wilderness. You definitely won’t be sorry.

Discover Chitwan National Park

Chitwan is packed with lush jungle and home to a huge array of wildlife. Sit in a jeep and search for the one-horned rhino, take a jungle walk listening for rustling branches and twittering birds, watch elephants cross the rivers in the hazy dusk and canoe down rivers flanked by lazing crocodiles at sunrise. It’s a tropical forest adventure, filled with eye-opening animal life and excitement. As wildlife experiences go in Nepal, you can’t do better than this.

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Rickshaw customer helping a Nepalese woman bake

Mix wildlife with local culture

From Chitwan, you can head into the lush surrounding countryside to meet the friendly people of the Tharu tribe, with a language and culture completely their own. Meet the villagers, lend a hand with the cooking, learn about village wine and try a glass or four of fiery rice wine. Afterwards, you’ll set out into the darkness of the jungle, where you’ll stay in a remote tower overlooking the wilderness. You’ll awake to a totally wild dawn chorus and, with any luck, spot a wandering rhino or two. It’s a brilliant balance of culture, adventure and wildlife that you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry.

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