Feel inspired by Nepal

Tucked away between snowy peaks, Nepal is small in size but huge in spirit. A heady mix of friendly villages hidden amongst the Himalayas, fluttering prayer flags, rippling lakes and lush jungles, it’s a wonderful pocket of the planet to explore. Get to know the local Tharu tribe, stay at home with a welcoming Tibetan family and sleep in a jungle tower buried in the wilderness. Lace up your walking boots for the hike of your life, watching the scenery change at every step and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

lady trekking in rural Nepal

Trekking Adventures

Trek between villages, gaze at snowy peaks and feel totally tiny. Nepal is a natural playground for hikers, with beautiful trails criss-crossing the mountains. Whether you’re looking for just a few days of trekking or a full two weeks, Nepal has got what you need.

Trekking in Nepal

Wildlife in the Jungle

There’s more to Nepal than trekking! You can also track one-horned rhinos on a jeep safari, canoe along rivers at sunrise and sleep in jungle towers. Nepal has some serious wildlife surprises up its sleeve.

Wildlife in Nepal
Rickshaw customers trekking at Poon Hill, standing on the mountain edge

A honeymoon with a difference

Take a honeymoon packed with Himalayan romance and snowy peaks on all sides. Soak up spiritual Kathmandu, sleep in jungle towers and feel lost in the mountains. Nepal will give you a honeymoon with a real difference.

Honeymoon in Nepal
Tibet prayer flags and lake

Combine Nepal with...

Situated in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal is an ideal destination to combine with it’s neighbours. Mix Nepal with Bhutan, India, Tibet and China for an eye-opening adventure that will take you into the gentle heart of the snow-capped Himalayas.

Combine Nepal with...
Spend the night with a local family, in a jungle tower or a cosy guest-house in a medieval town. We have a wide range of authentic accommodation in Nepal.
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Woman hiking amongst mountains in NepalDiscover the best time to visit Nepal
The weather is pretty important when you're planning a trip to Nepal, especially if you hope to take a trek. Find out when you'll get the best visibility.
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